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How to get a bonus to play roulette online ?

Roulette is a money game that is exciting and gives the opportunity for all players to implement strategies during the course of their session. The best known to date remains the martingale. By searching Google’s second search engine named Youtube, we can find all kind of strategies more or less reliable.

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The martingale roulette – A trap that you must avoid !

The casino–rival.com team warns you from the outset about what we can find on the web about this topic. Take the example of the martingale, which consists of betting on a color and doubling in case of loss until it ends up making profits over an unknown lapse of time.

Of course this trick can bring money back to players who use it but will they win on every attempt ? Will they have a fund large enough to cover their losses ? Will the casino administration not penalize players who use this type of strategy ?

With a little common of sense, we can quickly realize that if this type of placement on the carpet would be infallible, online casinos Rival Gaming and other technologies would have already closed their doors since a long time. And if it would work as well and it would be one of the most hidden secrets in you, do you think you would reveal it on the internet such a way to play roulette ? We don’t think either.

What you have to know, is that if a man is faced with choice to use this way of placing his bets, he will not fizzle. Imagine that the latter takes the decision to bet only black. He bets €1 and looses. He will have to double so €2 to try to recover his loss at play. If he fails again it will be €4. If he finally wins, it will only make a profit of €1 and will therefore have taken substantial risks to make only a profit of a value of €1 with a contribution of €7. It could also happens that series of a same colour come up to 10 times in a row ! Imagine that it is in favour of the red and the player bet on the black all the time.

The commited sums will be of a crazy amount for only win in the end only his starting bet of €1. The player has every interest to have a balance well provided to anticipate the negative consecuences that will engender. The martingale incurs big risks to its user because it is not profitable in the long term, casino-rival.com does not recommend it for all these reasons. Players must run away if they don’t want to be on the straw in just a few minutes of game.

Online casinos are like us, players, and they know all the tricks to play the roulette system. Some halls, now more and more numerous clearly prohibit the method of martingale roulette online. If the player uses this type of game that he makes profits and then asks for a withdrawal, what will happens to you ? Most of the time the gains obtained will be confiscated and only the deposit of the player will be credited then it better not to play with fire. A history of the bets is present during all the sessions then the administration of the platform will see the anomaly immediately. For your information, players also have access to it as well as for their withdrawals and deposits.

Live roulette :

Online roulette is a casino game that has evolved greatly over the last few years. Graphics are becoming more and more pointed and several variants exist. There are tables with low limits and the others for VIP players. The multi-player roulette is also part of the game. A variant now allows you to place bets on 8 casters simultaneously ! It is possible to play with a normal speed or fast.

But what has put forward this type of game is its availability in live game version ! It is now possible to have fun with real dealers. This is the case for online casinos with live technologies. The players can select their favourite dealers who are usually a good dozen per site. A multitude of options are available. These halls offer a feeling of play almost equal to that we can find in land-based casinos. There is an online chat, allowing chats with other players and even with the dealer. The players have the opportunity to see the dealer from a webcam with of course everything that revolves around him like the gaming table and other dealers nearby. Several historicals are present with hot and cold numbers, for example.

The players even have the possibility to offer a tip to the dealer which is nearby the reality. The latter thanks you by tapping the chip on the edge of the table before placing it in a piggy bank provided for this purpose. These live tables are available 24H/24 and 7J/7.

Traditional roulette :

Other than live roulette, some users will have a more sustained preference for the traditional game running with software. The game remains the same except the atmosphere is completely different. This is a robot that will speak to announce the outgoing number and report the replacement of the bet.

The bonuses to the roulette :

To welcome the new and regular players, several platforms offer bonuses specially designed for roulette. Usually they are updated weekly and they are accessible via a percentage bonus and a bonus code. Above, Rival Gaming online casinos are available several types of roulette variants including both live and RNG games with scheduled promotions for this type of gambling only.

Author : Maxime
Written by : May 30, 2018
Updated on : June 11, 2018