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Candy Cottage - Rules

Welcome to the fantastic universe of Candy Cottage ! Inside this game of 20 lines and 5 reels you will be able to entertain yourself with two characters who are young children. The interface of this slot machine is especially colourful but you will need to be cautious as an item disruptive is present and it can manifest itself at any time. This element that will come to shake up your adventure is a witch who will aim to trap two young children in her house seemingly relaxing and peaceful. But once inside, you'll realize that this is all other. The colours of the slot machine will suddenly degrade and go on darker. You will discover the rest.

Features :

The game options of Candy Cottage are 3. You will be able to entertain with jokers, free spins and with a bonus game !

Let's start this description of features by jokers. This function is illustrated by the famous Witch. By getting to any place on your game interface 2, 3, 4 or 5 symbols of this ugly woman, you will benefit respectively from 5, 50, 500 or 2500 coins ! The wild icons can only be active on reel number 3.

The free spins will add tone to your whole game session! In case you get on your screen 3 symbols of the maisonette built in candy and biscuits, the game will deliver you a number of 10 free spins. During this process, all the prizes that you will collect will be tripled!

Let's end with the third Candy Cottage feature which is a bonus game! For to be able to penetrate inside, you will have to gather 3 icons of an iron cage and it does not matter where on your screen. Once this takes effect, your game interface will radically be changed. You will be present inside the house. In front of you, will be present one of the two children. Candy of all kinds will fall from the ceiling of the House. Your goal will be to make sure that the child eats as much as possible, even if it makes him sick. To do this, you will guide the mouth of the young to eat as much as possible. Whenever he eats a candy, you will win a random chip pack. The bonus game will end after a certain time then a council, force-fed him as fast as possible !

Author : Maxime
Written by : June 05, 2018
Updated on : June 05, 2018