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Travel Bug - Rules :

Travel Bug is an online casino game which as the Pub Crawlers slot machine deals with the theme of insects. Inside this new variant available in game mode with no-download, you will be led to travel to many destinations. You will be able to live this when you will be present inside the bonus game! In addition to this special level, the game of 20 lines Travel Bug offers you to earn money in the form of chips by triggering jokers as well as free games !


The wild of Travel Bug is represented by a ladybug. The latter will have the growing ability to create a pay line and in addition the one that will allow you to pocket as many prices as possible. When it appears, the Joker will also have the advantage of redistributing parts packs that will have the peculiarity of varying between them. To win a maximum of chips, you will be asked to get as many times as possible the Ladybug on your game interface. In the clear, if you manage to get it 2, 3, 4 or 5 times on your screen then you will pocket the equivalent of 10, 100, 1000 or even 5000 coins ! Pretty good this wild, aren’t you ?


The second feature of Travel Bug is on free spins that will be at the fixed number of 10. To be able to enter this completely automatic and free spin session, you will need to gather on your screen 3 icons of an insect with wings. Once this happens, the 10 free spins will be put into service straight away.


The last game option of the 20 lines Travel Bug slot machine is oriented towards a particularly original bonus game. To be able to enter inside, you will be asked to collect 3 icons of the passport. Once you get to that, you will suddenly end up in a strangely empty airport. In front of you will be present 3 airlines ' wickets. Your goal to progress in the bonus game will be to select a company. Once your choice is validated, you will be exported a second time on a map that represents the whole world. At this point, you will have no control over your game. Everything will be done in an automatic way. So you are going to embark on a destination like Miami for example, and once it's finished, you'll be back in front of the 3 famous ticketing machines to choose a new destination. Each trip will bring you money in chips form. The bonus game will end when you don't have enough money to travel.

Author : Maxime
Written by : June 28, 2018
Updated on : June 28, 2018