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Watch The Birdie - Rule :

As you can see, Watch the Birdie is a slot machine that invites its players to entertain themselves on a theme based on birds. This online game has 5 reels and 15 pay lines. During the course of your game, you will be able to unlock 3 features that are extensible wilds, mini-jackpots and a bonus game !


The wild is an icon that is symbolized by a yellow bird that has just hatched. Its role will be to help you to finalize pay lines in order to make them pay. When it is active, it will act on the one that is able to distribute you the maximum amount of chips. In addition to this, the Watch the Birdie's wild has an extensible option. This clearly means that the wild will have the peculiarity of being able to spread over the whole height of its reel training with him 3 times more chance for you to be able to trigger new prizes.


Watch the Birdie's mini jackpots are illustrated by a red bird shack. Their goal once they are active on your interface will be to deliver you more or less substantial chips packs. Clearly, if you manage to get on your interface 2, 3, 4 or 5 times this icon, you will pocket respectively 15, 75, 250 or 1500 chips !


The bonus game is represented by the icon of the face of a man watching the birds with the binoculars. When 3 of these illustrations appear on your screen, the bonus game will start operating. At this point, you will be exported to a secondary page where a bush will be present in front of you. In the latter are stored a number of 10 nests of birds with each one egg. By logic, there will be 10 in total and the bonus game will ask you to select up to 5 by using your mouse. Each time you click on one of these 10 eggs, you will pocket a random prize. At the end, the 5 lots of coins you just won will add up to each other and then added to your bankroll to let you then go back to the main game.

Author : Maxime
Written by : June 30, 2018
Updated on : June 30, 2018