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I-Slots you want are propelled by the famous software Rival Gaming !

If you are looking for slot machines classified in the category of I-Slots as well, I tell you immediately you can put an end to your tedious investigations. From now on, you must know that you are at the right address to discover and tame a multitude of gambling games of this kind listed here ! I-Slots are by far one-armed bandits ordinary people who shake their functionalities without any logical, good at first sight, we think that their operation is almost equivalent to the traditional 5 reels slot machines that by habit dominate the toy libraries of Rival Gaming online casinos. Except when scratching well in detail and therefore plunging his curiosity beyond their physical appearance respective, we very easily note that their gameplay which in passing are equipped with an outstanding gameplay greatly exceeds the current slot machine capabilities of 5 reels.

I-Slots have the art of reflecting the evolution of traditional slot machines of 5 reels.

An I-Slot has for first ambition to immerse you in his world. An ultra virtual landscape colourful, neat and always well-crafted which traces a lot of adventures having in turn this willingness to build a real story. For each I-Slot that you can test for free from an instant version via your computer or mobile phone you will be at the first lodge to admire an amazing spectacle sprinkled with series of actions of all kinds.

Each feature that you activate and that will earn you seals of gain at the end of course will have a specific task to fill in order to transport you ever deeper in the adventure. Evolve gradually in your game session to ultimately achieve this goal, this latter reaching the end of a scenario of energy and originality that never wins several features.

A logical continuation that to support its credibility at the level of the chain of play options offered follows a common thread. Gaming options known for the richness of their sound details and graphics. But not only with the intervention of this finesse at the level of the compensation index that works hand in hand with the game features put to your provision to allow you to immerse yourself in the skin of a Hollywood actor.

If you want to entertain yourself with good quality I-Slots, you’ve hit the right door with your trust in Rival Gaming !

Unlike a lot of online casino software that are trying to double by all means possible Rival Gaming Powered, without fuss it must be admitted that this technology remains undeniably the queen of the I-Slots game edition! Not because I like it general quality of its titles but because it is indeed a reality that nobody can ignore so far. Unless there is tangible proof that would easily cancel my assertions but she still has not sounded in my ears.

In short, by trusting this publisher, you will have to have a coffee if you want to visit the section of the I-Slots because they are in number with a staff that continue to progress growing. Good news would you tell me ! A greedy evolution gone crazy in the production of more and more sophisticated I-Slots which today is proud to not count less than 22 games which for some like the famous title As The Reels breaks down into 3 volumes !

The themes are very varied with, for example, a golf trip with The Back Nine or still Hole In Won, a breakthrough in the confines of the universe with the 2 components of Cosmic Quest Mission, fighting with Heavyweight Gold, hardcore music with I-Slot Rock On !, a safari trip with the efforts of Wild Safari and the list is still very long !

The Reels Turn 1
Score: 4.8/5
The Reels Turn 2
Score: 4.8/5
The Reels Turn 3
Score: 4.8/5
The Back Nine
Score: 4.8/5
Bowled Over
Score: 4.8/5
Baby Boomers
Score: 4.8/5
Cosmic Quest 1
Score: 4.8/5
Cosmic Quest 2
Score: 4.8/5
Heavyweight Gold
Score: 4.8/5
Hole In Won
Score: 4.8/5
Psychedelic Sixties
Score: 4.8/5
Reel Crime Bank…
Score: 4.8/5
Rock On
Score: 4.8/5
Reel Crime Art…
Score: 4.8/5
Spy Game
Score: 4.8/5
Sherwood Forest Fortunes
Score: 4.8/5
A Switch In Time
Score: 4.8/5
Cirque Du Slots
Score: 4.8/5
Panda Party
Score: 4.7/5
Ice Picks
Score: 4.5/5
Golden Gorilla
Score: 4.7/5
Fixer Upper
Score: 4.6/5
Midway Madness
Score: 3.8/5

Author : Maxime
Written by : May 22, 2018
Updated on : June 08, 2018

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