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The 7 essential criteria that a casino must respect.

As you may have seen on the home page of the site, we are not adding online casinos without having taken care to test them thoroughly. Before proposing a gaming platform, in this case powered by Rival Gaming software we create a real-time account and we make a first deposit. You must know that we are players first and foremost, and we finf unfortunaly, a large part of the online casino guides present on he internet adds sites without having tested them and that in the continuity. Luckily we are not part of this lot and we are going to explain to you on what criteria we use to integrate a casino into our guide.

Security :

One of the very first things you need to think about when you connect is :

What are the security system present in this online casino to protect my banking information ?

The technologies put in place are very complex programs of SSL 128 bits encryption. That is the credentials of your credit card are not saved like it is. No, they are transformed into a series of figures, of symbols and very complex letters. Some user are sceptical of this idea but it’s a reality. After you are not obliged to use your credit card to make one or more deposits. Personally we don’t use this method of transfer funds and we will explain why.

When you deposit money via your credit card in your cash account, this operation is carried out instantly and you can immediately play. On the other hand, when you want to withdraw profits from your casino account to transfer them to your personal account, the casino administration will ask you to provide documents that say that you are the person you claim to be. You will have to send a proof of address by email such as a bank statement. A copy of your passport or identity card. A faxback document that the casino sends you and you must fill signed and dated before sending it back by mail. To finish you must also attached a copy front and back of your credit card which is quite embarrassing to our sense. If all conditions ar not met your winnings will never appear on your account.

To deposit and withdraw your money in peace we strongly advise you to open a Neteller account which is an online payment service. The latter remains completely free when it is created. When you deposit funds via this tool your money is credited instantly into your balance. If you wish to transfer money from the online casino to your Neteller account it will take between 24 and 48 hours between the request and the appearance of your balance which is very reasonable. You have no documents to complete in order to earn your winnings. Simply attach your Neteller email address to your casino account and enter the amount you wish to withdraw, to validate your withdrawal.

Translation and customer service :

When we connect on a site we greatly appreciate that it available in our mother language. All pages must be translated without exception. Customer service must also be multilingual and answer us in the language that allowed us to address our request. The means of communication must be important in order to satisfy all the customers of the online casino in question. There must be, in the first place, a live chat to allow you to instantly enter into relationship with an operator. The phone is also crucial as well as a link by email address. The audience must be responsive and courteous and do not have to bombard you with a bonus offer from your call-in. The support must answer your question in a precise way without you having to wait a long time to receive an answer. It must be available at any time of the day whether it be the day or the night and even during the holidays.

Abusive emails :

Some gambling halls don’t miss the call for you flooded with junk mails and this is a practise we don’t tolerate. That’s what a casino that respects its players needs to implement. Once you have created your real-time account you must have at least one option among three to reject the newsletter. The first is in the registration form usually present at the bottom of the page below the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the site. It is frequently mentioned that wish you receive our newsletter ? If you do not wish to receive them, simply pick up the box provided for this purpose. Yes usually it is checked by default if you don’t see this mention you can find it in your caisse. You must have an option that asks you if you want to receive the same principle newsletter uncheck the box and don’t forget to validate your change. If you still haven’t seen this unsubscribe tool you have a third option left. When you register, the online casino will send you an email to thank you for the trust you have given it, and it will slip you in the welcome offers. At the bottom of this email you will find a link to unsubscribe. You just have to click on it and mention your email address in a field provided to this purpose.This will allow the e-mailing system of the casino to no longer take into his account your email address in its database during these next e-mail shipments.

Licensing and regulation :

An online casino must be regulated in order in order to prove that it is in perfect equality and that respects a relatively strict specifications of these internal security system of its random number generator named RNG. In order to have an online gaming license a hall must be regularly checked by external inspections and without appointment. This way in case of fraud the platform is caught red-handed and his license is taken back on the spot. A lot of tests are done, the main part on the software and they are particularly complex. Thousands of bets are sent on the software at different time intervals and it allows to establish with several different technologies what we all the redistribution rate bets. The latter is for the vast majority of platforms greater than 95.6%, all these scientific measures are implemented by engineers as well as mathematicians. This inspection organism is called TST and it is recognized worldwide for its reliability and total transparency. Most online gambling sites are regulated by the government of the Netherlands Antilles, Malta, United Kingdom or Gibraltar. You can find the logos of these independent regulators at the bottom of every online casino page.

Games and Novelties :

Rival Gaming games are exciting. Yes, we have even made a specialized site just for them. What is important when we play on a site is that it offers us novelties regularly. An online casino worthy of this name should offers us at least 150 games to its customers in any categories. Rival Gaming online casinos generally offers one or two new games per month which is very reasonable relative to other software brands. The flash version is also appreciable because it allows you not to download software on your computer. You can have fun right away from the site however the reliable point is that you risk having breaks of a few seconds from time to time during your game session. Yes indeed the cause is that all variants in this case, are hosted on the same server as the site many people are connected simultaneously and the bandwidth during certain hours of the day may be saturated. Rest assured many technicians are present to ensure optimal game quality. This problem has personally never occurred to us. Just a complementary information to know is that we give you the opportunity to download all the software Rival Gaming casinos of our ranking. You can find these free links in each journal.

Payment period :

A quality online casino must respect the payments deadlines they usually indicate in the checkout section of their site. In case of withdrawal request by bank transfer the player must receive his money within 15 working days on average. For withdrawals through electronic wallet, it wil be faster, for example with Neteller which is a legal online service, withdraw from the casino must appear on your electronic account within 24 or 48 hours. Clearly, a money game hall, must respect the remaining time to all its means of transfer of funds, it is a criteria that mustn’t be taken lightly. Top 10 platforms also fulfil this option.

Bonus and VIP Club :

Bonuses and VIP club are an option but not mandatory but it is more. Some players like and others don’t like. Yes, indeed you can very well play with your money without having benefit from any bonus. Each promotion has terms and conditions. Once again, we suggest that you read these conditions carefully because each offer imposes wagering requirements that can be quite substantial. The money you get in addition to your deposit comes from the pocket of the casino so it makes sense that conditions are set up.

If you like to spend money and you have a budget that exceed the average (300 euros) you can integrate a VIP program that will give you access to many benefits that average players couldn’t access. Interesting options like for example loyalty points on each replay, trips, recharge points, exclusive offers, birthday bonus,…

Author : Maxime
Written by : May 27, 2018
Updated on : May 27, 2018