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Posted on Thursday June 04, 2020 | Author: Maxime
The two marine deities Phorcys and Ceto had three daughters, the Gorgons. Steno the strong, Euryale the wandering through the world, and finally Medusa the cunning. These sisters were famous for their dazzling beauty especially Medusa, who possessed exceptional hair. The characters are as beautiful as in Scary Rich 3™. Poseidon, god of the sea, fell in love with this beauty and joined her in a temple dedicated to Athena. Considering it an insult, Athena decided to take revenge and turned the Gorgons » continue reading
Posted on Thursday May 21, 2020 | Author: Maxime
In search of a regulated online casino that provides its client set with monthly bonuses? If this is your desire, your decisive criteria before you embark on the registration terms then Vive mon Casino presents itself to you as an adequate operator. This online gaming platform is a reference in this area. It soon enjoys nearly a decade of activity that is in many ways to ensure a relatively comfortable user experience. Many specialties are this play house. A fortiori, to avoid sinking into horizons that do not make sense to this » continue reading
Posted on Friday May 08, 2020 | Author: Maxime
The time has come again to give more importance and positioning to an online casino that has been much talked about lately. I want to shed some light on Monte Cryptos. A 100% casino platform duly regulated and accredited by the laws that comes into force on the Curacao Archipelago. A sign at the top of the basket that dominates the eGaming sphere with the ambition to constantly animate its products that are equally representative of the best in online gaming. The operator remains as generous as ever » continue reading

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The world of English casinos evolves at great speed. In this surge of power, this one carries along with him, cars full of news, qualified as good or bad, according to the point of view of each one. These news are flocking in masse and in every way. That is how this daily information movement ended without much effort, but rather by the natural force of things, has founded in its heart a deep and solid dynamism, that today gives real importance to the platform of games of chance available on the internet.

As a specialized guide in English eGaming, since the beginning of 2013, we have myself and the other members of our team to filter for organizational reasons the news that really worth it. That’s why it is not bizarre but normal to have free access to casino news which is the subject of a publication, animated by the personal note of our editors passionated without limit towards the sphere that enosmpasses throbbing universe of internet casinos.

A toy library full of online casino games of all kinds, and regularly animated by new games in preview !

But for the order reigns supreme in the comparison of casino.rival.com. To alleviate this difficulty that may grow if measures are not taken from the start, a blog is born and ir turns out that you are just in its roots. The latter aims to help you better orienting you in your search. Investigations that you can be motivated by the search for the new online casino games and your desire pushes you to discover for free and without download.

Know already that you can create this from now on as on the rain navigation bar pf the site can demonstrate it to you, we put at your disposal whether you are on a mobile or in front of your computer screen hundreds of free games of chance. If you are looking for new games, you can think that you are in the cool paradise with new titles that come in the categories of games. Every month of year.

The head office of the casino news about the event bonus covering tournaments or lotteries of different natures !

If you are more based on the news of the digital casinos but in terms of their bonus effer, we think very strongly that we have everything you need in store to satisfy you easily. Don’t look for anymore new about event bonuses, such as tournaments with dealers, solt machines or roulettes come weekly discrupt casino news of the blog.

There is something for everyone with more competitions between a lottery casino player, offering lots of money in cash, luxury trips often for 2 people, gifts like Rolex watches from smartphones, jewelry and list could spread over and over again. Each casino has its own specialities mergin them with a pleasant zest of originality away from the national holidays that offers an extra degree of festivities within their gaming platform. Guaranteed fun !

Only the best-rated English casinos on the Market in terms of access rights to the site boing represented in a TOP, but also presented objectively from detailed reviews of details !

On another hand, if you are looking for a serious online casino, you have to know that we offer only the best in terms of site on this topic. The operators of English casinos are numerous to want a place in the comparison of casino-rival.com but as we are uncompromising on the quality, it comes down to a TOP online casino which counts only a dozen of online casino at most. Each platform has an objective review with an end-to-end personal opinion of the editorial.

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Author : Maxime
Written by : May 20, 2018
Updated on : December 11, 2019