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May Cash Bash!, the May 2020 promotion at €100,000!


In search of a regulated online casino that provides its client set with monthly bonuses? If this is your desire, your decisive criteria before you embark on the registration terms then Vive mon Casino presents itself to you as an adequate operator.

This online gaming platform is a reference in this area. It soon enjoys nearly a decade of activity that is in many ways to ensure a relatively comfortable user experience. Many specialties are this play house. A fortiori, to avoid sinking into horizons that do not make sense to this article and gradually stray to the useless, we will focus on the section referring to bonuses.

A topic that has meaning, dynamism and a confident reach towards excellence. Uncompromising know-how is undeniable, but let’s see what Vive Mon Casino has in store right now to once again guarantee its explosive side in terms of exclusive casino bonuses. Last month, to be more precise on the day of April 15th of 2020, I published the latest vive Mon Casino news. We had given time and energy to share on the blog the fruits of the New Crazy Hot Slots tournament.

The main goal is to take action, to choose to play in real condition on a fine selection of slot machines from the BetSoft Gaming range. To collect on a progressive path points of participation having a strength and a capital interest. The one to decide at the end of the tournament to accurately define the lucky winners expected to count by the dozens! A total of 2 weeks of commitment where everyone could try their luck from €50 deposit for a fully automated participation.

Today, may 19th of 2020, Vive Mon Casino is handing over the cutlery for more thrills! Prizes have been revised upwards to increase everyone’s enthusiasm. To mark the blow in the end to not hide it differentiate itself from the competition that would never dare to offer €50,000 for the one who manages to seize the throne. It’s crazy, it’s huge but it’s Vive Mon Casino in all its glory with €100,000 to be won for the fertile ground of 30 winning places!

May Cash Bash!, the pleasant result of 30 places for a distribution of €100,000!

In May do what you like! That’s true and at Vive Mon Casino it rhymes rather with making money like you’ve never been able to generate! Basically, luck belongs to everyone and those who will line up among the best will really win significant prizes. May Cash Bash!, it’s the original name that brings illustration to this Video Slots tournament BetSoft Gaming. Let’s face it, one of the biggest cash casino tournaments of the year determined to distribute a prize pool of €100,000 out of 30 winning positions!

From May 1st of 2020 until May 31st of 2020 CET, it’s a veritable tornado of 100% cash rewards that will fall into this amazing May Cash Bash promotion! Hold on to your chair to see the prizes awarded based on the paid seats. The finalist will be very happy to receive a reward of €50.000, the second will cut the pear in half to get a prize of €25,000, the third of €10,000! At the foot of the podium 1000 for the players who will occupy the place 4 until the 10 and finally for the others be from place 11 to place 30, a generous prize of €500! At Vive Mon Casino, when you are counted among the winners, it’s really worth it and it shows.

To participate, the terms and conditions that frame the May Cash Bash bonus! are very easy to understand. There are no hundred and miles. During the validity period of the promotion, either for a reminder from May 1stto May 31stof 2020, the goal will be to deposit a minimum of €100 in order to be automatically registered. From there, you may well ignore May Cash Bash’s proposal! to see you in action or play on a trio of BetSoft Gaming slots. These are Take the Bank™, Faerie Spells™ and Charms and Clovers™. If your wish will be to participate to try to get you into the top 30 players, it will be crucial for you to entertain yourself with real chips on these games. I don’t know why.

By having fun on these BetSoft Gaming titles you will mechanically accumulate bonus points. Every €1 bet will be equivalent to getting 1 point that will go into your account. Your goal to climb the leaderboard will be to create a snowball effect to be able to collect as many points as possible before the May Cash Bash! deadline. May 31stof 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CET.

For reasons of transparency towards you and in the fundamental principles of this brand, a ranking is already present from the dedicated web page of May Cash Bash! From there it responds to an update every hour. You can know exactly who is still dominating you, who is about to overtake you or who is leaving your place. The positions, the players’ pseudonyms and their number of points are mentioned. If you can’t find your current position since this ranking on the top 30 positions, you can find out from your personal space or request it from the chat with the help of a French-speaking agent.

If you like to animate your online casino gaming sessions in the company of 3D slot machines then you’ll be pretty happy to discover the small band of games from May Cash Bash!

Take the Bank™: placed on the market on October 29thof 2019 at all of BetSoft Gaming’s partner online casinos, Take the Bank™ has caused quite a stir in the industry. On the other hand its ultra realistic side both on the general graphic effect released, very pleasant for the brain as its stunning soundtrack. The pungent side of the story is worked in this direction to offer a deep dynamism in this adventure led by an aspiring bank robber. Take the Bank™ is built through 5 reels and 75 fixed payment lines.

During your adventure, if you choose to give it time, Take the Bank™ is represented by solid gameplay that does not devitalise the efforts led by the soundtrack and graphics perpetrated twists for unpredictable animations. A cocktail of timer bombs that go wild on the reels to give carte blanche to special functions. But not that since wilds as well as free spins will add their special seasoning to ensure you in all humility a redistribution of prices beyond your expectations.

Fairy Spells™: rock a bed of magic, softness and fullness to progress through a frictionless fluid. A tender soundtrack, certainly causing a very pleasant feeling behind the neck. Nothing has escaped the developer BetSoft Gaming to invite you to enjoy by the view a graphic charter of the most pleasant. Fluorescent fairies, in the space that seems to be drawn from a dense forest invaded with magic and well-being. The Zen side of this slot machine Faerie Spells™ will immerse you in the delights of incomparable moments.

Launched in the BetSoft Gaming network on January 21stof 2019, Faerie Spells™ forms 5 reels and 10 winning lines. Progressive jackpots will have dominant place above the game’s interface. Whatever you do, they’ll always be there! Discreet but well present with a potential gain of tens of thousands of €! From the winnings table, you can discover a special feature called Faerie Queen, another Faerie Queen Jackpots where the challenge will be to be patient to collect as you go through the fiddling with color codes (violet, green, red and orange). After a well-defined number, the jackpot concerned according to the color it is right will move in that motivation to fill your bankroll! Take the time to discover scatter gems for the refined pleasure of unlocking free spins in abundance.

Charms and Clovers™: a game dedicated to the feast of St. Patrick’s Day having its origins in Ireland. All the symbology will subscribe to the presents to organize something fun and lucrative at the same time. The cradle of greenery in an unknown forest where green elves are perched in this idea of seeing you rich. With a payout rate of 96.31%, the online game Charms and Clovers™ is great with an architecture of 6 reels and no less than 40 fixed payment lines. The gameplay digs into the backs to serve game features that will probably let you rub your hands. There’s plenty to win with Charms and Clovers™.

This is undeniable with a range of 4 special functions to begin with. Money Wheel, Mega Symbol, Golden Bonus, Pots ‘o’ Gold! Each newly listed feature has its own environment to hit the reels and therefore serve you as many chips as possible in a short time. There are many animations to keep you in suspense for a while. For routine lady, she’ll have to go for a walk again. In this magic of winning, also count on the strength and fidelity of multipliers, wilds and a double UP option!

Opinion about the May Cash Bash bonus! Vive Mon Casino (May 2020):

As you may have seen about the news of the May Cash Bash bonus! led by the vive Mon Casino administration, bonus-oriented events are going well! No shadow on the board that removes doubt to infer that if you are looking for a quality casino, dynamic in all its specialties, you have only one thing to do, register. Plenty takes place in the heart of this platform and many players are looking for this kind of establishment.

Vive Mon Casino knows how to respond to this type of demand that is becoming more and more growing. Especially with Bitcoin, which now occupies an important place in the infrastructure of virtual casinos. Bonuses adapted to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies serve as lighting with no later than March 18, 2020 the promotion Mbit Bankroll Booster for the fruit of an anonymous game.

If you have a fighting spirit in you and play without restraint and your dada, our team invites you to join Vive Mon Casino. Especially since for the whole month of May of this year 2020, prizes have soared and in a good way. A number of 30 players will be selected on May 31stof 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CET. A prize pool of €100,000 will then be distributed with a cash prize of €50,000 for the player placed in pole position! To show full transparency, the list of players declared winners will be available 1 hour after the end of the May Cash Bash promotion!

Such a level of rewards is enormously measured and unfortunately in my opinion not yet widespread enough among the competition. An umpteenth strategy for the operator of Vive Mon Casino to stand out from its rivals and it works perfectly!

Author : Maxime
Written by : May 21, 2020
Updated on : May 21, 2020