Responsible Game wants to bring your attention to the importance and interests of responsible gaming as well as the armful trend and dangers of gambling problems. Our casino games is at your service to guide you through the various online gaming sites. We offer you tips for better internet entertainment while staying in a responsible gaming dynamic. We want to emphasize that the game must remain an entertainment and that if it becomes for you more important than mere intertainment, compulsively, in your life then you will also find on help and support to advise you. For your safety, we have to inform you about the dangers of gambling addiction and casino games. wants to warn youthat games can drag you into a real hell. Indeed, for a number of people, game can quickly turns into a dreaded addiction and create serious personal, financial, familt or professional problems. It’s part of our job and our ethics to warn you and help to avoid this kind of problem.

To be a responsible player some tips :

★ Play to have fun and not in the hope of making absolutely money.
★ Don’t play if you have special financial problems don’t play to get away.
★ Keep an open mind about the dangers to may be exposed by playing too much, too often and with too much money.
★ The budget provided for playing must in no way encroach on Rent, payment bills,… or other family activities.
★ NEVER play beyond your originally planned budget.
★ Monitor the time you spend playing on time and set a time limit that you shouldn’t exceeded.
★ Do an inventory of your cash at the end of each month and look if you have won or lost.
★ The money earned may be set aside and not necessarily replay.
★ Don’t let the games take a place too important in your personal, family or professional life.
★ The game must remain a pleasure and not an excuse or a loophole.
★ Don’t try to solve or forget your personal problems through the game.
★ Take breaks, holidays, or occasionally take a step back on you passion to take stock regularly to see if you are still on the responsible side or if you have a tendency to compulsion.
★ Be attempt to the advice given to you, listen to the advice given to you by specialists and specialized sites and listen to the closest people around you !

A player can become compulsive :

★ Very quickly and loses the notion of fun and entertainment.
★ When he plays automatically and abnormally.
★ When there is no longer any real pleasure to play, feel the game as a need, a necessity or an obligation. When he doesn’t monitor his finances, don’t know how much he spend or exceeds his budget.
★ When he uses money so he would need for his daily expenses, bills, rent, food, family activities and so on.
★ When he just spends too much time on games.
★ When his entourage point out to him that he spends too much time or too much money on games.
★ If he can’t get away and take a break with the game when another activity comes into family meal, holidays, social activities…and so on.
★ When he spends more and more sums in the game.
★ When he borrows money from his bank or his entourage and accumulates debts.
★ If he refuses to explain himself, or refuses to consider that he may have a problem.
★ If thee is an excuse, he justifies himself or lies to continue playing.
★ If he feels a form a depression or moments of euphoria that can alert the entourage.
★ If he disenfranchised, prefers play instead of a family party or other social event.
★ If he can get upset or angry when we tell him about our concerns about his behaviour.
★ If he thinks that winning the jackpot he will solve all his problems.
★ If he minimize the impact of the game on his expenses and say proudly the prizes he won.
★ If he has any doubts about his own behaviour in the game.

The list of problems that can come because of a gambling addiction is not exhaustive. This list strangely seems like an addiction to a drug an because gambling can actually can be consider to have the same kind of appeal and inconvenience as a drug. In addition a player can become addicted so be informed and stay alert !

You can take actions :

If you think you need help, many services will be at your disposal to take your problemthat seriously worries you. You can start by becoming aware of the problem by visiting the sides listed below. You can ring the numbers at your disposal to discuss your concerns with a specialist. Compulsive gambling is not a weakness or a lack of character, and don’t be ashamed to seek help and support ! On the contrary it is a difficult step but quite admirable if you think it necessary, the self exclusion of online casinos temporary or permanent is possible and you will avoid continuing to have access to the games so you can better manage the problem if you have doubts about your way of playing if your family or friends have expressed their doubts this must be taken seriously and we invite you to find help in the links and phone numbers below.

Online gambling must remain a pleasure and entertainment and this should be no doubt for you, this is our most important advice as a guide of online casinos.

Author : Maxime
Written by : May 28, 2018
Updated on : May 28, 2018