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Take the Bank, a refined promotion of €28,500 for all 3D slots addicts!


The time has come again to give more importance and positioning to an online casino that has been much talked about lately. I want to shed some light on Monte Cryptos. A 100% casino platform duly regulated and accredited by the laws that comes into force on the Curacao Archipelago. A sign at the top of the basket that dominates the eGaming sphere with the ambition to constantly animate its products that are equally representative of the best in online gaming.

The operator remains as generous as ever with those who establish a position of trust in him. Signing up for Monte Cryptos is simple as saying hello to a stranger on the street. Everything is well thought out, organized, planned to allow you to enjoy an above-average experience in casino-oriented services on the internet.

Monte Cryptos engages in the best to contemplate you and bring in you pleasure based the game marked by moments of uncertainty, suspense to see the profile of a victory. Maybe left or right in your direction to inflate your bankroll once again. By chance, none of this is calculated succumbing to the unrestrained euphoria that animates every game at Monte Cryptos.

We know so much about his sustained index of versatility that forges in him a character of leader, of fighter worth this logic to grant him as a customer easily trust. No hint of regret or bitter uncertainty on the horizon. Monte Cryptos moves forward with its head held high and carries itself like an ultra-secure fair-play gaming site. Always in this respect for humility but especially proud of what has already been acquired in the past.

Extensive experiments that stick to the present to form a good puzzle. Already a busy future that is being shaped by the favor of many ambitious projects. Notably the Winter Wonderland bonus that took place during the month of December 2019. The veil will gradually fade away to bring you news as enriching as the one I am about to share with you.

Without further ado, I’m excited to present the May 2020 bonus entitled Take the Bank! A BetSoft Gaming game title recently put on the market but the operator Monte Cryptos chose this title both to introduce it in this promotion but also to inspire it with its theme. A theme of a repeat multi-offender who has just been released from prison and determined to make the heist of the century!

At Monte Cryptos, May 2020 brings €7,000 in rewards per week!

With an account at Monte Cryptos Casino, you can already participate in the Take the Bank promotion! The promotion began on May 4th and as planned will be finalized on May 31st of 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CET. Admission is free for each participant with this requirement to place only real money bets to qualify. Bonus funds will not be accepted with a ban on participation for players from the US and the United Kingdom.

In any case, the money from the house will not validate a prize and any kind. The Take the Bank bonus is designed to cover all 4 weeks of May 2020 with weekly prize-throwing for the first 7 finalists. Winning will be on the agenda with weekly special challenges as well as raffles to add strength to chance. Take part in the game and give yourself a chance to win a game of the €28,500 at stake!

Eligible games throughout the promotion turn to BetSoft Gaming software. You will be able to complete the various missions of May 2020 by playing on one or more 3D slot machines of your choice. These include Take The Bank™, The Golden Owl of Athena™, Gemmed™, Gold Canyon™, Total Overdrive™, and Lucky Seven™! If you would like to know more about these titles, I suggest you pass the laconative description of each week open to the Take the Bank promotion.

Week 1: If you like to play tirelessly, the first week is likely to match you. Between Monday 4th until Sunday, May 10th of 2020 23:59 CET it’s Max Bet Sum ringing! Your mission will be to deposit at least the sum of €50. Following this, go to collect the largest number of cumulative bets. If you find yourself at the top of the pack to know in the top 7 then you will pocket a prize of €1000! Elected officials will be notified on Wednesday, May 13th of 2020.

Week 2: If betting hard is your dada then know that in the second week of May 2020 chances to please you. In this Max Qualified Spins if you perform minimum spins of €0.50 and in as large a quantity as possible then you will have a high probability to emerge victorious! The 7 best spinners will be credited with €1000 each on Wednesday, May 20th of 2020.

Week 3: If storing tons of spins offers you excitement then the third week of May 2020 will reward you in its own way. From Monday 18th until Sunday, May 24thof 2020 23:59 CET, it is the opening of a second Max Bet Sum. Your goal to win will be to complete a minimum of 50 spins on one or more BetSoft Gaming slot machines eligible for the Take the Bank promotion. The first 7th who have reached the most bets accumulated during this mini tournament will qualify to get €1000 each. The awards ceremony will be scheduled for Wednesday 27th of 2020.

Week 4: Once again, luck will be on the side of all participants. To close this Take the Bank promotion from Monte Cryptos Casino in collaboration with BetSoft Gaming, a lucky prize will be born. Between Monday, May 25th of 2020 and Sunday, May 31st of 2020, each player eligible for the May 2020 bonus will receive a participation ticket for each €5 bet placed on one or more of the 7 active games. A total of 7 players will then be drawn and they will discover their performances on Wednesday, June 3rd of 2020 with €1000 for each of them!

Let’s take a break from BetSoft slots eligible for the Take the Bank promotion of Monte Cryptos Casino.

Take The Bank™: consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows and 75 fixed paylines, the BetSoft Gaming Take The Bank™ slot machine; release something special! From a repeat offender who chose to pursue a career in bank robbery. Determined to rob the world’s greatest thieves to afford the good life. In his head trots and lets him ruminate fine sand, coconut, girls with cans mattes and so on. The problem is that our sidekick doesn’t frankly have the light on every floor. A lot of cobwebs with sometimes floors completely plunged into darkness. In short, a real neurological disaster!

Expect high-level amateurism like you’ve probably never seen before. Paradoxically, Take The Bank™ is a slot machine with an engine that does its job well both in the compensation index and in its ambitious attractiveness. Police at all intersections, flying bombs exploding on the interface when you least expect it. A real mess on the reels with a burst of victories without warning beforehand. With Take The Bank™ nothing is certain with prison off but so much money to be earned in such a short time.

The Golden Owl of Athena™: If you like the nice, creamy, pastel landscape then welcome to the cloudless world of The Golden Owl of Athena™! A large garden has been there for decades to welcome you in a relaxing, zen atmosphere where well-being has been arranged in all the space that belongs to it. Vegetation, but also buildings of buildings pledging allegiance to temples reminding us of Greek architecture. In Greece, yes it is in this corner of the world where you will be.

Somewhere in the remote lands of Athens get ready to travel on a playground of 5 reels and 3 rows and 10 fixed paylines. Take the time to experience a fairly flexible gameplay in its diversity. The Golden Owl of Athena™ consists of a special feature called The Golden Owl of Athena, free spins, a double up option without neglecting the Buy Bonus feature to speed up gameplay discovery and hasten the win.

Gemmed™: it clearly triumphs in the middle of the classic slot machines of the publisher BetSoft Gaming! An imposing interface built in 9×9 to put everyone at last almost agree. Up to 40,503 possible combinations to see a reward event appear on the screen. It’s just huge with its symbols in the form of jewels. Both translucent and dazzling, they will open the doors to Mega Symbols under the cover of incessant explosions, free spins of up to 50, Rainbow Wilds destroying everything on their untimely passages, scatters and double up to optimize the chances of repeated winnings. Gemmed™ is pure madness in the endless imagination of BetSoft Gaming.

Gold Canyon™: Do you like a gold rush? Try your luck like thousands before you to stumble upon gold deposits of exceptional purity. Gold Canyon™ arises without any particular comment on a railway track ready to accommodate wagons loaded with precious metals. Horses, an oil lamp, a deck of cards for the 4 p.m. break and you are ready to face the hardness of the ore. Consume your day with relatively lucrative gameplay rich in strong emotions. Start the festivities with a special feature called Gold Canyon, explosions carried out with dynamite batons representative of scatters, free spins and of course not to spoil the fun a double up option.

Total Overdrive™: total immersion in the meanderings of a futuristic world. Absolutely incredible panoramic view, out of the ordinary setting, almost worthy of a world belonging to a much higher dimension. Total Overdrive™ presents itself with an electronic landscape. Where digital seems to have taken a dominant place in space and time. A world made entirely of neon where pink and purple respond assiduously present. If you like the classic 3-reels slot machines then you’re probably going to devour Total Overdrive™. Play on the other hand with a field of 3 reels for 3 rows and 5 lines.

Despite this lack of coil staffing, Total Overdrive™ does its job very well in terms of redistribution and you might be surprised. Under the hood there is enough to make more than a 5-reels slot machine shudder. With Total Overdrive™ you can play with an Overdrive Multiplier feature that has made its specialty multiplying earnings. In a similar good momentum also Sticky Multiplier as well as wilds that can multiply your prices up to x50!

Lucky Seven™: for wistful who particularly appreciate the first slot machines that entered the internet. Lucky Seven™ is for these kind of players because it takes for everyone. As with the Total Overdrive™ game, a 3-reels, 3-rows interface will be presented to you, but let’s say the much less aesthetic face. The goal is to see 3 identical symbols displayed from 1 bet on the only payline on the horizontal. Depending on the type of trio of icons obtained, a more or less significant gain will come back to you. Lucky Seven™ little folly the latter can pay back up to €5000 in a single turn! It’s not a joke!

Heist and™: developed a few years ago, Heist and™ BetSoft Gaming had made a hit! One of the first slot machines on the internet equipped with three-dimensional cinematographies tracing the few adventures of the game. Heist™ has upset the eGaming industry by stimulating many competitors in the production of 3D cinematography online casino games. Play as a heist specialist but in a very different style than Take The Bank™. No, this time you will be interfering in the mind of this pro who demoralizes the greatest security experts this world has worn.

Each time you will pass through the cracks, pockets full of diamonds. Like a real eel where no one manages to get their hands on it. Wealth at all levels with a special Glass Cutter Feature (create a circular opening on a glass), wilds (place a bomb), scatters (your tool to force the safe door) and a bonus game (access to the safe door to steal the stash without getting pinched!).

Opinion about bonus Take the Bank de Monte Cryptos Casino:

At Monte Cryptos Casino have started very seriously to appreciate what is on the menu! A real treat and each new event is conducive to a tasteless discovery of the old one that was iSoftbet MegaGiveAway. From Monday 4th to Sunday, May 31st of 2020 CET, you can have a cheap fun on a selection of 7 slot machines belonging to the BetSoft Gaming lineage.

Many genres have been selected for the occasion in order to meet your requirements as a player. For some time now, we have been noting a wider range of games to respond as favourably as possible to the participants. Plus, you can play on one or more slot machines to get into the top 7 each week.

We also appreciate this versatility in the game with these challenges to bet as much as possible or to count the most spins in a 7-day slot. A real competition between players that is established. If you have a fighting spirit, you will probably enjoy these games conducted from these weekly tournaments where the winners are announced and rewarded quickly after only 3 days after the end of the promotion week.

In addition, you can win throughout the month of May 2020. Namely up to 4 prizes representing a total of €4000! This opportunity to win an extra €1000 per week in addition to the prizes obtained by playing. To mark total transparency in the face of all these numbers and announcements of the winners via e-mail, Monte Cryptos Casino offers weekly rankings. You can view them directly from the Take the Bank promotion website.

Author : Maxime
Written by : May 08, 2020
Updated on : May 08, 2020