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Metal Detector - Rules :

Metal Detector is a slot machine that is built with 15 lines and 5 reels. Powered by the well-known Rival Gaming online casino gaming brand, Metal Detector exports its players in a world quite different from the ones we’ve encountered so far. You will be at the edge of a French beach during a summer holiday. You will enjoy the absence of tourists to indulge in the search of valuable material that have been lost in the sand. To be effective in your search you will be equipped with a metal detector with extraordinary detection power.


The Metal Detector slot machine has three features. This number may not seem like a lot, but be aware that these are not standard game options. No, on the contrary ! The first feature is based on jackpots that are 3. One is represented by a piece of gold, the second by a chest and finally the third by a ring of great value. The more icons you have on your interface, the more coins you will earn. For example with the chest you will pocket 100, 800 or 2000 coins in the case where you get it respectively 3, 4 or 5 times.


The other two features are very interesting for both your experience user but also for the health of your capital. The first bonus game can be unlocked from the moment you get on your interface three icons of the main character in the Metal Detector story. At this point, you will leave the main game to export to a secondary page. You will be at the seaside and your goal to raise money will be to find valuables buried in the sand. To achieve your goal you will use a metal detector. You will have at your disposal at the bottom of your screen all sorts of tools, that will allow you to locate correctly and quickly the lost items but also to be able to guide your detection device. The more items you find like watches, earrings…and the more you capitalize money in your bankroll.


The second bonus game will allow you to leave to the beach and go a little deeper into the land. To enter this special level, you will first have to get three cards on your interface. Once this happens, it will expand on the entire surface of the slot machine. You will be able to notice a number of four red crosses here and there. You will be asked to click on it. Following your choice, the Metal Detector game will randomly deliver free spins. These may vary between 8, 10 or 12. Then you will go to a new page that will show you four places. You will be asked once to choose between one of these four areas by clicking on it. Following this action, you will randomly obtain an earning multiplier that will associate with the number of free spins that you have just won. Then and this will be the last step of this bonus game, you will return o the main game. Your free spins will be activated and all the winnings you generate through this feature will be multiplied by the index you ha won in the bonus game.

Author : Maxime
Written by : June 20, 2018
Updated on : June 20, 2018