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Three essential points to know when setting up a slot machine

How do I use the adjustment buttons on a slot machine ?

Imagine that you are in the event that you have no experience with online casino games or that you simply want to clear up misunderstandings. Look no further, this tutorial was created to help you !

I have never played slots and I do not understand how I have to adjust my bet before playing !?

It is true that this can prove to be a puzzle for those who have never played this type of online game. By consulting the winning table of the variant in question, we can fully understand the features present but not a line in relation to the configuration of the bets. Don’t panic ! This tutorial is specially designed to explain to you the way the settings are presented and how to use them correctly.

When launching a slot machine regardless of its type, built of 6, 5 or 3-reels, the principle of adjustment remains exactly the same. Generally, the game is set by default to a value of £2 which gives you the opportunity to play in stride. But, if you want to go further by entertaining yourself strategically by adapting your different bets against the overall amount of your bankroll, the rest of this tutorial should probably interests you.

The slot machines published by Rival Gaming powered technology offer in the vast majority of cases to their players to wager sums of money going on a scale based of £0.01 up to a limit of £150. It is quite rare to be able to bet beyond the latter while knowing that it already represents a nice bet. At first you have 6, 5 or 3-reels in front of you. In relation to the latter, you will not be able to activate them or to disable them. The game as it is will work with all its reel without any exception.

– On the other hand, each variant has a certain number of line and there you will be able to intervene by adopting a possible strategy. The line vary according to the games between 0 and 50. By pressing the + or – cursors just below the button (number of line) you will be able to activate them one by one. This will allow you to vary more or less your wager amount. Sometimes the slot machine has only fixed line that means you won’t be able to act on it.

– This first parameter will be influenced by coins values. This configuration criteria allows you to play between 1 to 10 chips on each of the line you have previously activated.

– Denomination heights are also present to give you the opportunity to refine your bet. These sums usually start at £0.01 per spin that turns out to be very low. These will be able to progress if you wish by using the + or-cursors. They can go up to a maximum of £10.00 and there it is no longer the same.

These three settings points are always accessible at the bottom of your game interface.

Are the denomination values, number of coins and lines linked together to form my final bet ?

Yes, these three parameters are actually only one because they will multiply between them in order to set the value of the final bet before the turning of the reel of the slot machine. To start the game, you will have to press the button (play or SPIN). When you make real or virtual gains, the amount you win will be displayed just above the amount of your current bankroll. Your capital is always mentioned at the bottom left of your screen.

Let’s take two examples to fully understand the phenomenon of multiplication of parameterization options :

Silver Unicorn Casino Game features 5-reels and 20 pay lines. In our first example, we take the decision to set the game to a minimum value. So it will be with a denomination height of £0.01 with 1 chip and 1 line.

This gives us by multiplying: 0.01 x 1 x 1 = £0.01 of bet.

We now take the decision to make the most of it. Note that the button (bet Max or bet Max) is provided for this purpose. It saves you from manually mounting all the configuration buttons to the maximum. In one click, you will achieve the same result. We will now set the three buttons to the maximum. The denomination value is 0.25 with 10 chips and 20 lines. The end result is: 0.25 x 10 x 20 = £50.00 max bet.

Game mode comfort of slots :

As we had just mentioned in the previous two examples, the bet max or wager max option allows you to play to the maximum without having to manually intervene on the 3 setting setup buttons. It saves you time in your settings. In addition to this option, you can also play in automatic mode. All Rival Gaming powered variants offer this setting. By clicking on it, you can choose to play automatically with 5, 25, 50, 100 or even 500 spins. If you choose for example to play 50 games and want to stop playing or change your bet during the process, you will be able to complete this task by clicking the button again (game Auto).

We must point out in relation to this point that this additional option is only available to players who make real money bets. One way for Rival Gaming powered to offer a complementary option to those who play in real game mode.

Author : Maxime
Written by : July 04, 2018
Updated on : July 04, 2018