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Golden Chip Roulette Tournament at Yggdrasil online casinos!

cresus-casino-tournament-golden-gambleCresus Casino, talented online casino operator that has made his passion an authentic entertainment pleasure in favor of any gambling enthusiast. On the internet, Cresus is the only one able to rejoice such an important density of players. The quality of its support is for something but not only that since behind the scenes of its bonus program without withdrawal condition, things happen …

The operators of the brand of Cresus or rather should I say this family of enthusiasts is scratching their head constantly to find new niches of distraction.

Today, but still a little before the time of a next adrenaline rush in the meanderings of the bonus section has made a place in pole position a new promotion! Such charm and attractiveness so confident that the probabilities are tiny to this thought that the players who pass by will bring ignorance to him.

Especially people with a soft spot to charm the ball that takes pleasure in traveling in the cylinder of roulette for the end that ends sooner or later by positioning themselves on their favorite number. I want to talk about the first roulette of the publisher Yggdrasil named the Golden Chip Roulette! The one that has been a hit since its launch in October 2019 with unprecedented internal features and a power of multiplication measured several hundred times the amount of the initial bet! Unheard of in the industry but Yggdrasil likes to satisfy, engage and above all surprise its audience with high-level casino games.

A success such that all of Yggdrasil’s partner online casinos offer in perfect synchronicity an exclusive promotion with the attraction of rewarding again and again players who will achieve his wishes. In exchange of what? A boon to evolve in a ranking planned for 140 players and from where no less than £8000 will ask to be shared in fair share!

Until October the 19th of 2019, it’s £8,000 to be won by playing Golden Chip Roulette!

The Golden Gamble Tournament promotion will be active from Friday, October the 18th of 2019 at 12:01 a.m. until Saturday the 19th at 11:59 p.m. CET. Only one roulette will be active, the Golden Chip Roulette with the condition to play in real. This means making bets with your own money. In the content of the terms and conditions of the tournament, Cresus casino does not require a minimum bet to start participating. The goal is to entertain yourself by applying possible game strategies on this online roulette power. In order to further promote big winnings on short sessions of play. To achieve among all other participating members the best pay-as-you-go ratio ((total wins/total bets) x 100).

If it’s your lucky day, your top 5 scores will be counted in the system. The impact of this will be to give you a chance to win the first prize of £3000! The second place £1000, the third as well as the fourth £300, the fifth to the seventh £100, the eighth to the 10th £50, the 11th–20th £30, the 21st-70th £25 and finally the 71st-140th are £20 for each player. Take this rare lying opportunity over the course of a year to overheat this Yggdrasil Golden Chip Roulette and blow up the bank vault!

Author : Maxime
Written by : October 18, 2019
Updated on : October 18, 2019