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Halloween Special Promotion: Demon Mystery Prize!


Day of dead arrives! Like every New Year that passes on our calendar, the operator Dublinbet Casino has once again showed up! Why miss such a deal when one realizes that is gambling library is full of titles that enjoy rubbing terror, horror and evil.

Coming straight from the parallel world of pandemonium, the reward of the event that I am about to present may make you having cold in the back! Wait because this year’s Halloween party at Dublinbet Casino will make you feel comfortable.

The promotion that is about to start is called the Demon Mystery Prize! And I can already guarantee that this Halloween-based casino bonus carries its name very well! These are 113 packs of madness that are just waiting to reach the hands of the future lucky winners. The closer the Halloween night approaches, the more winners in this important game will have great potential to continue the campaign.

Indices to reach the success ramp will be given to the dropper to do nothing to spoil the effect of surprise. Many prizes will be included in this awards package featuring MII, MIdI, Major and Mega. But this only in favor of the group of players who will dare to take his courage with both hands to face the demonic energies that are constantly lurking in the play’n GO casino gameDemon™!

Enter the gut of hell from October 28, 2019 at 00:01 CET to face your most intimate fears! At the end of this short stay in darkness, come out victorious with your phobias with many rewards in your pocket!

A Day of the Dead full of surprises at Dublinbet Casino!

Until 1 November 2019 at 23:59 CET, you will have the opportunity to participate in the promotion of the Day of the Dead entitled Demon™ to get one or several mystery prizes with more chance. With just a click you can get gifts and lots of free spins! Therefore, this Halloween 2019 bonus supports you to take your courage with both hands to face the evil in person on the front of the slot machine Demon™!

By playing from €0.30 per machine spin with a maximum qualification of €1, you will be automatically qualified to have the legitimacy to be among the participants. This offer remains fully available to all holders through an authorized account on the Dublinbet Casino web server.

Respecting the betting board required during the promotion period on the Demon™ any participant who respects this instruction will have all the chances to win a prize. These bonuses are distributed randomly to the winning players 72 hours after the Demon Mystery Award is completed.

The promotion can only work when betting with real money on the Devil Slot device; provided by Play’n GO. Other games cannot work to win the Mystery award. Only Demon™ is capable of doing so. During the entire period of the promotion, you have the possibility to win several prizes from the 113 available! For organizational reasons, prices are classified by categories, including the following:

Mega Mystery: 7 pack: 1 T-Shirt + 1 vinyl (per pack)
Major Mystery: 3 packs: 1 vinyl (per pack)
Midi Mystery: 3 pack: 1 T-Shirt (per pack)
Mini Mystery: 10 packs: 10 Free Spins (per pack)

If you win the free tournaments, this is subject to one-time betting requirements. If you have the opportunity to accumulate gains by obtaining free spins, you will be able to withdraw from your account the sum of €100. Assuming that if you prices are converted into real money and you take the initiative to make a deposit, the gains from this transfer will be played before you receive the money from the reward. The amount of earnings will be corrected during the collection procedure.

To have a real view of the remaining betting conditions before you can withdraw, Dublinbet Casino allows you to go to the Bonus section, visible next to the Super Point game option, to continue towards the conditions of the free tournaments offered by the promotion Demon Mystery Prize, that has a validity granted until November 8, 2019 at 23:59 CET.

Author : Maxime
Written by : October 29, 2019
Updated on : October 29, 2019