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Booogoo Tournament (Scarab Riches™) with €50,000 at stake!


Dublinbet is still on our list of the most dynamic online casinos in terms of bonuses. There are all the sauces to delight the most capricious of us! Tonight, by the writing of this article, we will cling to the heavy but so banal at the operator Dublinbet.

I would like to share with you a promotion that has already begun and where everyone can make the most of being among the winners. Winners as our English-speaking neighbours would say so well. This bonus is proudly named Scarab Riches™ Tournaments. In fact, it is the name of a Booogoo slot machine which for the time being is in collaboration with Dublinbet to build this outstanding tournament that promises to be particularly generous since €50,000 are at stake!

It’s not a joke, between September the 26th until October the 6th of 2019 at 11:59pm CET any player and maybe you, will have the keys in hand to overheat the 5 reels of this slot machine full of surprises. The goal is to emerge victorious through a ranking allowing a dynamic place up to the supreme gong for the first 100 participants!

Terms and conditions of the Dublinbet Scarab Riches™ promotion:

Of course, to avoid anarchy and that luck can belong to everyone a few rules are offered this legitimacy to enter during the entire course of this casino tournament Booogoo. Let’s start at the beginning with the only validity of real money that will have to be played only on the Scarab Riches slot machine so that its author is able to collect valuable points.

Indeed, since it will be the latter that will allow him to climb into the TOP 100 planned for this promotion. To be an integral part of the players eligible for the tournament, the basis will be to play at least 100 spins for a minimum amount of €0.50. Without this, eligibility for prizes will not be accepted.

Playing on Boongoo’s Scarab Riches™ slot machine, losing and winning bets will be part of the set, but those who will be profit-progenitors will have the merit of participating in the production of points. That points will be based in value relative to the amount of your winnings so as to establish a perfect equity for everyone. For additional information, €1 is equivalent to 1 point.

During each game session, players will also receive points based on the volume of the winnings. The best players between 1 and 100 will be displayed in the leaderboard using their respective account ID (pseudo). This TOP 100 remains dynamic and will be timed every 2 to 4 minutes so as to display real-time data and enjoy full transparency with the Dublinbet operator. The positions of the tournament will be frozen on October the 6th of 2019 at 23:59 CET, the exact time of the end of this Booogoo casino tournament to determine precisely the lucky finalists!

Opinion about the Scarab Riches™ tournament in Dublinbet in collaboration with Booogoo:

We follow the updates of the Dublinbet bonus section very closely because we find them simply interesting to share for our loyal audience. It’s not every day that you can count serious online casinos that offer high-end entertainment using promotions with plump rewards.

Tonight, we are exhibiting a new promotion that this time takes the position of a tournament in collaboration with an emerging software called Booongoo! At the top of all this an opportunity to share with the first 100 participants a share of the €50,000 put at stake! We are talking about a small fortune that again can operators are able to offer such a sum in exchange for a regular gambling activity on a lot of slot machines for a short time.

Dublinbet casino really doesn’t get cold! This is what has made its success for almost a decade with its horde of live casino gaming providers. For information, one of its main specialties. Tournaments, lotteries and other entertainment of this kind decorated by 5 digits are commonplace within this platform.

So if you choose to take action by registering at this online casino, don’t be surprised to discover other events of this type in a short fortnight. Dublinbet is a must-have casino for any player looking for a slot machine tournament, fierce competition between sets between players to win thousands of euros in a few days! Right now, the Scarab Riches™ slot machine tournament is paving the way for this!

Let the best of us win!

Author : Maxime
Written by : October 01, 2019
Updated on : October 01, 2019