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The Grand 8 Challenge, a bonus dedicated to live roulette with €1,000 in prize pool!


The mafia of Fatboss is making a comeback and not just any one! If this is not already done, enter sparingly into the low bottom of the Italian underworld. An atmosphere drawn, hushed, colored with darkness where the only watchword is a reference to the lure of gain. Push the doors of Fatboss to contemplate unrivalled splendours in online casino services. Fatboss, an online gaming platform licensed curacao that is one of the most respected in Europe. His power to exercise in the four corners of the world thanks to his permissions and his drive to propose the unique, sensational to mark the minds of everyone.

Fatboss alone exposes is huge of topics allied to entertainment to make the quality of your entertainment a priority. Absolutely nothing is beyond anything to do that. Let you get ahead of the best in online gambling. All the elements that revolve around it, always in this spirit of fine-tuning, to offer the best to promote your commitment. A playground for bargains. The opportunity to participate in unique events and especially unavailable in most other online casinos Curacao.

The choice is easy at Fatboss to ensure the best of distractions. Create your Fatboss account with just a few clicks and let yourself be guided through a well-thought-out intuitive interface. The experts of eGaming are all there to surprise you with each new connection. New products in abundance. Whether it’s in the gaming gallery that has more than 5,000 instant casino games powered by dozens of cutting-edge provider. To add a seasoning to this ever-expanding gaming marquee, a bonus panel is constantly energized. In favor of opening to the delight of lovers of online casino bonuses. Especially since the one that will be polemical is devoid of withdrawal condition! I love it! Hats off Fatboss Casino!

The mascot made her return to the beginnings of April to announce the opening of a new bonus! The one bearing the name of The Grand 8 Challenge. If you like the game of roulette in a live atmosphere then bingo for you and for others too! Authentic Gaming provider specializing in live internet casino games has once again concocted this promotion The Grand 8 Challenge with the operator of Fatboss! Many prizes are up for grabs until June 30th 23:59 2020 CET and if you will, let’s take a closer look at the principles and terms of the Grand 8 Challenge bonus.

Authentic Gaming in collaboration with Fatboss for the birth of The Grand 8 Challenge!

The time has come to announce good and happy news within Fatboss! Everything happens in the bonus and promotions section of the brand to discover together the new event The Grand 8 Challenge. At the head of the bill he dominates, proclaims himself loud and clear and he is right to do so. The character of Fatboss is present with the cigar pinched between the fingers, mouth in heart to inform us of this bonus that began its activity on April 1st and will end it on June 30th of 2020 23:59 CET.

The rules of use are simple and that’s what they tell us. I quote (Here’s your chance, kid. If you’re ready to step up your game, join the challenge of the €1,000 Challenge with the Grand Roulette of the Authentic Gaming team.) The Grand 8 Challenge will find interest in its operation every day without the slightest exception in the evening between 20:00 and 22:00. The ultimate goal of this promotion to come out the winner will be to play exclusively with real chips on the live live game Grand Roulette from Authentic Gaming.

Connect to this Grand Roulette table game with the device of your choice and enjoy the beauty of the place. A set-up studio reflecting in excellence an English-style luxury décor. Tapestry, furniture and this millimetered roulette table where the cylinder never sleeps! Croupières with advantageous physique, charming when necessary and playful, jovial to offer you the scent of victory …

With Madame Chance at your side, stumble upon the number 8 provided you have bet beforehand on the roulette mat the minimum sum of €5. In this case, it will be €20 that will go directly to your account balance. The best is yet to come as you won’t be bothered with putting conditions on his winnings. As you can imagine now, these prizes distributed by the Grand 8 Challenge bonus are exempt from special conditions!

The Grand 8 Challenge promotion is concentrated until June 30th of 2020 at 23:59 CET to redistribute the total sum of €1,000! After quick calculation, this brings us back to a distribution of 50 prizes throughout this period. Good to know too. If you win once, you will be able to win several times in the course of a game night or during the entire bonus period. Your account will not be limited to a single prize.

Opinion about the bonus of The Grand 8 Challenge:

Again, the operator of Fatboss is aiming in the mile! I have the impression that he is doing it on purpose. If you are one of the inveterate players of online roulette and, moreover live for reasons of additional comforts, I think very strongly that The Grand 8 Challenge will please you. For strategic players in the roulette game, taking on the challenge of falling on the number 8 will only enliven their enthusiasm to win by the force of their intelligence. The observation of the dealer also counts to try to know his intentions on the game mat. There are many tricks to roulette for the dealer to be destabilized and become a payer.

The Grand 8 Challenge is a promotion that will no doubt please and satisfy many roulette players. There’s no question about that. Its attractiveness is such that many participants will be for no less than 50 elected through a prize discount of €20 totaling the sum of €1,000! Few online casinos similar to Fatboss offer roulette-friendly bonuses as many frauds on the players’ side. The operator is aware of this but its motto and satisfy as many of its customers as possible by proving it with the broadcast of The Grand 8 Challenge.

Author : Maxime Rival
Written by April 17, 2020
Updated on April 17, 2020