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Hallo ‘Win, a terrifying promotion at Dublinbet for this Halloween party 2018 but so much generous!


And yes, a few days from this famous Halloween party, everything turns, becomes more obscure… The Demons come out, the pumpkins go wild, the darkness takes over the world of the living. Dublinbet did not find better to celebrate this feast than to offer us an event that is going to surprise us and if one is lucky enough to scrounge a bit of this prize pool of £3000.

From Monday 29th of October to 0:01 until Sunday 4th November at 23:59 CET. The players will have to show all their skills and especially be accompanied by Lady Luck to complete the three missions, enter the ranking of the first 50 and zspecially be able to touch one of the prices offered!

It will really have to show concentration for this bonus Hallo ‘Win on the three machines of Yggrasil: Wolf Hunters™: 15 points of rage must be collected for the hunter man, Dark Vortex™: we will have to enter Vortex Mode 7 times, and Pumpkin Smash™: You will have to crush 15 pumpkins, all in a number of laps the most restricted because the opponents will be relentless… Not entitled to the mistake!

Dublinbet Casino first proposes to us Wolf Hunters™, it is a question of fighting a werewolf that terrorize a whole village, for that there will be two hunters a man and a woman who will have from the beginning of the points of rage attributed, and which will have to fight in a bloody body against this full moon animal. For the mission, we will have to accumulate 15 points of rage for the man.

In the case of Dark Vortex™, this 5-reels video slot under the theme of completely distorted monsters, we need to expand the vortex as much as possible to achieve significant earnings, and for the mission it will be necessary to return 7 times in the vortex mode for being able to continue in the tournament!

Regarding the third video slot Pumpkin Smash™, the slots instant rhythmic Mexican music and also with all its symbology (in Mexico that day it is a feast full of joy and music!), it will be necessary to crush 15 pumpkins to continue in the race to the Big Win!

Hallo ‘Win terms and conditions at Dublinbet

For what is the terms and conditions of this Halloween tournament of Dublinbet, nothing very complicated. First of all there is no additional cost to be able to participate, only you have to pay the cost of a single lap, and the minimum bet will be £0.40. It is also important to keep in mind this fundamental term regarding bets made with bonus money are not eligible.

In addition, all players who finish the Hallo ‘Win mission for the first time will be assigned a unique player number that will be highlighted so that the ranking players can follow their position, and those outside the ranking positions will be displayed as the last ranking positio .

The positions can change throughout the tournament and if for example several players finish the mission with the same number of rounds, the player who completed the first will be the highest placed in the ranking.

The 1st in the ranking of the event Hallo ‘Win from Dublinbet will earn £800, the 2º will have £500, the 3º £300, the 4º £200, the 5º £150, the 6º £130, the 7º £100, the 8º £90, the 9º £80, the 10º £75, from 11º to 15º £50, from 16º to 20º £25, from 21º to 30º £10 and from 31º to 50º they will earn £5.

About cash prizes, they will automatically be credited to the player’s account as withdrawable funds immediately. To display the prize in their bankroll, players will have to open any Yggdrasil game once the leaderboard is finished, and Dublinbet also reserves the right to cancel or modify this promotion Hallo ‘win at any moment.

Opinions about Hallo ‘Win of Dublinbet:

From Monday 29th of October at 0:01 to Sunday 4th of November 23:59 CET, Dublinbet Casino organizes a tournament, on the theme of Halloween and the trader offers us £3000 in prizes! Slots are Yggdrasil novelties and they are absolutely brilliant in graphic charts but also in soundtracks and in return for the player. If you complete the mission on the three Dark Vorex™, Wolf Hunters™ and Pumpkin Smash™ machines, Dublinbet will let you opt to win cash prizes that directly inflate your bankroll. Why not try your chance!

Author : Maxime
Written by : October 26, 2018
Updated on : October 26, 2018