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Undeniably and we will be able to see it from our eyes through this opinion, The Jackpot Casino is one of the best secure sites to play online. With a wide range of breathtaking games, this operator has nothing to envy at land-based casinos. Taking care to its customers, good advice, and transparency without comparison, progressive jackpots to remain open-mouthed, really shows us that the Jackpot.com is top! Allied with the best gaming providers, making security and gaming responsible for its players a top priority we obviously met a giant of the middle.



The toy library of the Jackpot Casino finds its pleasure to impress with its relatively large volume of variants. Moreover, it does not do in half measure because it made this intimate choice to address all types of player. So everyone can find shoe to his foot in entertainment via gambling. An amazing collection that continues to grow in strength over the course of the weeks! The toy library of this regulated operator in Curaçao tape in all kinds of games whether as examples of traditional slots, the essentials in 3D, with or without progressive jackpot, table games like European roulette or American, poker, video poker, blackjack…

In short, as we can understand it without too much discernment, the public is spoiled to choose without forgetting the top games where one can easily find the new and the most requested games like for example the latest novelty of the provider Betsoft Gaming Max Quest: Wrath of Ra® ! A little marvel that combines casino game, social and role play.

Of course, the entertainment classified for perspiration of authenticity is not enshrined in absent! Live games to be clearer that turn evenings at home in a moment of conviviality where players can sit virtually around table games dynamized by delightful dealers in the studio. Mobile, computer and other web connection media work without problems. With the Jackpot casino, we have the possibility to entertain where you want it most and at any time of the day as of the night since the 500 games of the platform are accessible in free or paid version and please in non-stop!

Deposit and withdrawal of money:

With respect to the transaction security of the Jackpot casino, it is total. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology guarantees seamless data confidentiality as well as the security of incoming bank transactions as outgoing from the institution. Security is constantly ensured by a data encryption of 128 bits SSL which allows to be quiet during transactions. In addition, this prevents the data collected on the online casino servers from being intercepted by someone during the entire connection time on the game platform! This is responsible work and well done!

Among the methods of depositing and withdrawal used it is possible to use VISA and MasterCard-type bankcards. For players not liking to divulge their personal information online, the payout department of the casino Jackpot has had a thought for them by offering them this opportunity to file with the ticket Prepaid CASHlib. For all payment solutions made available, the minimum accepted deposit is £25 for a minimum withdrawal of £150 processed in less than 3 days after the player account verified at 100%. Below this minimum cash-out value, the players concerned will be forced to submit to a management fee of £10. All financial transactions are processed in the livre sterling currency (£).

Bonus :

One of the strengths of the Jackpot Casino is its bonus card. From the outset we are explained the conditions and the instructions for use of these famous bonuses that attract so many customers. We simply have to play the bonus offered with the amount of money that has been deposited. As soon as there is a gain we can remove all but the free chips that were offered to us. And so every time we play with a bonus. It’s not complicated and very clear from the start! No scam in sight because it is explained to us in writing but also by an explanatory video. We won’t be able to say that we didn’t know.

The Jackpot Casino has 4 different bonuses that we will list and explain briefly. The welcome promotion comes with a 100% bonus source offered for the first three deposits. Indeed, for the first deposit we will be offered a 100% up to £250, for the second deposit it will be 100% up to £500, and finally for the third deposit we shall be entitled to a 100% also up to £750. In short, we will be offered bonuses up to £1500 isn’t that beautiful?

The 100% bonus of the Jackpot Casino, is an offer of 100% as its name implies but up to £25 per day. This has the impact of giving us the green light to find distraction with £50 every day! It’s not bad either! The bonus of the week is for Friday when everything is allowed. We can have a 50% immediate bonus on a deposit capped at £250, to start the weekend it’s nice! Thanks TheJackpot.com!

But it is not finished because we still have the bonus Happy Hour which is a way to reward the most loyal players, for a defined time of 30% on the deposits, but as they are smart we will not know in advance this auspicious moment to blaze! It’s a well-honed way for players to be attentive. Tricky these people from the Jackpot casino!

The last bonus refers to the VIP customers we will see in an instant. This group of privileged players can benefit from a 10% on all their deposits and of course more benefits than we will see now.

Programme VIP:

The Jackpot casino’s VIP program is built from 5 rungs Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Red Diamond which have unconditional bonuses per category of 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% when arriving at Red Diamond! In addition, this digital casino offers us lifetime benefits that are not to be neglected either: a delay of less than 3 working days for withdrawal requests, special events, increased deposit and table limits and to finish a direct line with a Casino Manager 24h/24 and 7d/7 or they can contact by email to support [at] TheJackpot. com, this is a good way to unwind a red carpet for VIP customers!


To contact the Jackpot Casino team, the means made available are very easy to use. As easy as a phone call! Customer service is open for instant messaging from 8am to 10pm every day with collaborators who speak perfectly English and very professional. It is always better than doing business with an online translator who does not satisfy all the time our requests by sometimes distancing from reality the proposed translations. Professionals because the experience they have acquired over time is optimal, a condition necessary to be able to work there.

Otherwise, you can contact via email at support[at]thejackpot.com at any time, as well as the contact form that appears in the tab of the main page of the casino. In the page of a casino like the Jackpot, which is also very important for players it is a space where you can find answers to the frequently asked questions and problems that may arise during the game. The answers are clear and precise, there is no need to put a novel! We have the questions and next to a small red box open and when we click on the answer we appear immediately below! For more precise or different answers to those proposed.

Fair and responsible game:

What points to the level of transparency at the Jackpot casino is that in its enclosure we respect a fair play policy. For their slew of games, they use an MD5 RNG generator that is reputed for its reliability and in addition the percentage of earnings is evaluated monthly by TST the audit firm whose reputation is no longer to be done!

As for the responsible gaming policy, they know very well that the game must remain playful, entertaining and practiced in a safe environment. It is clear that spending time playing can invite the user to drift into a problem serious enough for him and for his family. The signs that indicate that there may be a problem are usually the same: if the player dares not say how much time he spends on the game, if he replays in the hope of recovering, if his thoughts are centered on the previous or future parts, if he puts more than he thought, if he tries to limit himself but without doing so, if he asks for money to his entourage to be able to deal with gambling debts. There really is a problem!

The Jackpot Casino is able to help this kind of players by setting a daily or weekly cap on the account or ask for the closing of this account which will never be reopened if the mention of problems with the game is specified. The casino also offers a series of websites that help these people in distress, a responsibility that the casino feels towards its customers! Congrats!

Editorial opinion about the Jackpot casino:

The Jackpot Casino has everything to please and to have a good time of entertainment without of course forgetting that it remains in this term a fun. Here we know how to treat customers and especially what impacted me the most is the transparency and simplicity of their bonuses.
Usually when you embark on a bonus you do not really know where you put your feet, but with the casino Jackpot is clear, clean and precise! No scams, no sand castles, no conditions for infeasible withdrawals, no, more time to make requests related to cash withdrawals take place in 3 three working days, which is really good.

The toy library of LeJackpot.com is impressive and especially it takes care to type in all areas of the simple slot machine without more to the most advanced slots, by way of table games, virtual sports games… In short, a real cocktail to satisfy all tastes! A good bonus card and a breathtaking VIP program is added to all the qualities already exposed. In my humble opinion, I find that the Jackpot Casino is one of the most serious casinos in the industry!

Author : Maxime
Written by : November 08, 2018
Updated on : November 08, 2018

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