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Lucky 31: Oktoberfest September 2019


A little history before we focus on the event bonus offered by the Lucky 31 casino. First of all, this festival is celebrated between September and October in the Bavarian city of Munich since 1810. It is one of the largest popular festivals in Germany and the world as it receives on average more than six million visitors. It starts on the first Saturday after September the 15th and lasts from 16 to 18 days.

The first Oktoberfest was held from October 12th to October 17th of 1810 to celebrate the wedding of Prince Louis I of Bavaria with Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Since this festival takes place in the Theresienwiese, an open ground just outside Munich. The famous modern Oktoberfest has a short tradition compared to other festivals or popular festivals.

Today, the mayor of Munich leads the parade followed by ostentatious horse-riding cars loaded with beer barrels. Mayor opens first barrel of beer in tent Schottenhammel, in this way the Oktoberfest opens with the cry of “O’zapft is!” which means it is already open. Immediately after twelve cannon shots are fired from the steps of the statue representing Bavaria. That’s the signal to start serving.

Year by year, everyone is eager to know how many blows the mayor will need to open the barrel and even bets are placed. The record is in two stages (Mayor Ude in 2005 and 2008) and in 1950 the mayor needed 19 times to open the first barrel!

Terms, conditions and prizes of the Oktoberfest promotion:

For every €20 wagered on Red Rake games in 24 hours (00.00 – 23.59) each day, players will receive an entry for the draw to be held on September 13th of 2019. The promotion starts on Thursday, August 29th at 00.01 and ends on Thursday, September 12th of 2019 at 11:59 p.m. The promotion covers all Red Rake Gaming slot machine games. There will be no cash alternative. Winners will be announced at the end of the promotion. Red Rake Gaming reserves the right to modify, cancel the promotion at any time.

The games subject to promotions will be all slot machines of Red Rake Gaming: Super 12™, Million 7™, The Adventures Of Ali Baba™, Marco Polo™,Knights™, Mystic Mirror™, Bonnie And Clyde™, Speed Heroes™, Viva Las Vegas™, Heidi at Oktober™, Wildcano™, The legendary Red Dragon™, Judges Rules the Show™, Jack O’Lantern™, Magic Wilds™, Super 10 stars™, Tiger and Dragon™, The Secret of the Opera™, Misteries of Egypt™, Ryan O’Brian™, Disco Nights™, World Football™ and at least Blackjack Vegas Strip™.

If we are the lucky winner of the trip to Oktoberfest 2019, we will have the chance to take part in this wonderful program. Two people will fly from Europe to Munich (or €200 per person for a fee). VIP tickets for Oktoberfest (including a table,Vip service, and a three-course Bavarian meal), then Vip access to the Afterparty with Vip seats and bottles.

Visit the Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich’s playground. Full management of the winners will be done, including a promotion manager, a 24-hour hotline and comprehensive travel insurance. Private transfers from the airport or train station to the hotel will be taken care of. There will also be 3 nights of accommodation in a 4-stars hotel in the city centre, within walking distance of the festival site in bed and breakfast. And finally a mug of Red Rake beer in the room.

Opinion about Lucky 31: Oktoberfest September 2019:

From August 29th to September 12th of 2019 we will be able to play and participate in the draw for a trip for two at Oktoberfest in Munich. There is only one prize, which I find a bit of a pity. Perhaps the amount of the trip should have been allocated a little, and other prizes should have been offered to other participants who may feel a little left-wing. The purpose of the event bonuses is to have some prizes from the most consequential to the least but taking into account a number of players.

There is only one prize even if it is good, but the rest of the players will not benefit. Small amounts are just as good and it animates the participants. In addition, the minimum bet is €20 which I find a little high also because not everyone has this amount. Normally, the minimum bet is 5 or €10. It is true that the prize to be won is great but I think the lack of prize is being felt.

The range of gambling to participate is very wide and I think it’s good. You can choose any Red Rake Gaming slot machine, I’ve listed them all above. It makes a good package and it’s going to please a lot of players. Good luck to all to win this fabulous trip to the Oktoberfest in Munich!

Author : Maxime
Written by : September 03, 2019
Updated on : September 03, 2019