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Rudolph’s Roulette, the ultimate refund bonus!


It’s almost Christmas friends and Santa Claus has booked great bonus extras for all the Lucky31 casino faithful! The beautiful, the great and especially the most popular in Europe for its enticing bonuses and its crazy game offer! Loyal to his position to drop in a regular tone of beautiful nuggets in his catalog of bonuses, the brand of Lucky31 has just refreshed it with the effigy of Christmas!

The family party par excellence that for the 12 strokes of midnight, a man in red with long white beard dominating his face feasting on assiduity to spoil children as the greatest! Gifts by the thousands nested in a reinforced sled. Moved by the force of attentive reindeer and brimming with energy as in the first night to post all these countless packages to shiny paper. Tonight, Santa Claus will not be present, but it is his favorite reindeer who took the initiative to take the lead to open the promotion Rudolph’s Roulette!

In front of the door of Lucky31 Casino or rather should I say at the top of the list of valid bonuses, Rudolph’s Roulette which will be represented by the faithful companion of Santa Claus, Rudolph’s! In a state of overexcitement, this magnificent reindeer with careful hairs traveling in the force of age will be proud to replace Santa Claus for a harmonious and warm redistribution of rewards! Especially a casino bonus that is highly likely to create an attractiveness around it as to hypnotize large numbers of players.

Amateur live casino game, greeting for a cashback bonus opportunity on evolution Gaming live wheels!

From the 9th until the 15th of December 2019 CET, you can participate in the special Rudolph’s Roulette bonus in order to take advantage of a cashback bonus worth 20% up to £100 deposit! Pretty nice this bonus that can be obtained according to certain rules of the game. For example, playing on a fine selection of live casters provided by the state-of-the-art Evolution Gaming software. To be clearer about this, promote its level of bets to qualify on the game tables of the Lightning™ Roulette, First Person™ and First Person Lightning Roulette™!

Overheat all these roulette cylinders to be eligible for this significant cashback bonus represented by a value of 20% up to £100! A relatively large amount and moreover, this is the perfect season to dominate the live roulettes of Evolution Gaming in order to break the shack! Holds, if you’re a bit dubious, I invite you to question Rudolph!?

Until Sunday, December the 15th of 2019 at 11:59pm CET, you have a unique chance to take advantage of a refund bonus worth 20% up to £100! Take full advantage of the moment, especially since this cashback bonus for live casino games is subject to only a very low betting condition. Either in the order of x1 before any legitimacy to carry out a cashing out from your personal space.

Once you have received your cashback bonus, it will be important to log into your account to consume it within 48 hours of receiving it. Otherwise, the latter will find the way to expiration on its own. Lucky31 is well known for quick and devoid or almost free removal procedures from any disturbing conditions. Only, it will take you 3 small days of patience from the end of the Bonus Rudolph’s Roulette in collaboration with the live casino provider Evolution Gaming to be able to withdraw your profits!

Author : Maxime
Written by : December 11, 2019
Updated on : December 11, 2019