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Magical Spin and its magical VIP program!

magical-spin-casino-vipIt is with excitement that I get on the keyboard to inform you of a major news within the online casino Magical Spin! You know the one who is inspired by the beautiful and magical world of Harry Potter! There, in the distance in the endless depths of his bonus gallery, any player will be able to take the initiative to become one of the greatest wizard of all time! With a perfect recipe that combines with a welcome bonus that in turn agrees on the magic formulas of a centuries-old grimoire! In the blackened pages of writings of this great book full of inspirations, these will give rise to the open up to 3000 free bonuses!

At 50 as a complement to a magic recipe for your first deposit, free spins with great fanfare to take you to the success of the prize! Nothing in practice but absolutely all in theory to satisfy your deepest desires. Don’t be afraid to rack up lots of free slot machine tricks in your account using the Free Spins Party promotion! Open the white paper, finding inspiration for the mystery and benevolence of white magic to embark on a maximum profit adventure with the power of an unlimited 35% bonus!

Even more so with this opportunity to be able to apply to enter a particular school. Go on a magical adventure to rub shoulders with magical Spin Casino’s greatest magicians! By accumulating the points potions, you will definitely end up among one of them! Take out your most beautiful magic wand to charm the slot machines and/or turn your table games sessions into a veritable spill of chips on green play mats!

An organized, updated VIP club, like the best casino bonuses for surprising rewards!

What happiness to play in the Magical Spin casino! Whether it’s from his desktop computer, from his smartphone or from his tablet, wedged between two pillows at the bottom of his couch. You can connect from where you feel best. Whether inside or outside your home. No compulsion to log into your Magical Spin account. All web technologies are combined to offer you the best in the long run.

Its design has left more than one with its mouth open, which was also the case for our entire administration! Indeed, the online casino Magical Spin with a regulation in Curacao, has a unique graphic dressing where magic triumphs on all pages of its website. An innovative platform, at the forefront of the Internet’s user experience capabilities, featuring more than 5000 instant casino games and French-speaking customer service judged by our eGaming experts.

What was missing from the board to deprive him of clouds was a VIP program and here he is in his magician costume where absolutely nothing is missing! Far from aligning itself with its competition in the treatment of VIP customers of online casinos, Magical Spin’s adds more to make sure it creates an atmosphere of trust and level of rewards that match every VIP player. If you are looking for a quality VIP casino that is able to provide novelty in all areas that if reported then you have knocked on the right door!

Magical Spin is one of the internet gambling platforms that have a good level of influence to lead the dance. In other words, strong-administered online casinos with effective ways to last over time. A bonus service at the height represented by several bonus formats adding a touch of humor and originality each time. Its incredibly numerous games, accessible in a format without download, number in the thousands with upstream more than 30 propulsion provider. A giant in the industry that owes it thanks to a management team with several years of experience in the eGaming industry.

Today, I’d like to make room for the introduction of a VIP program at Magical Spin that is starting to make a lot of noise on the French-language web. This option for regular players does not make an appearance because it must do so. No, its structure has been carefully and painstakingly thought out before it is made public. Now, here it is before our eyes to guarantee us a VIP experience that lives up to all possible requirements! To become a VIP at Magical Spin Casino, you have to learn to get noticed and for this nothing better than to log in regularly by having episodic deposits in your account. In this way, as if by magic, prenium benefits will eventually be revealed to you!

★ You will be able to take full advantage of no deposit bonuses that are also referred to as free in the jargon of internet casinos. In addition to having free balances directly in your account in the form of real tokens, withdrawal phases will be accompanied by half-reduced conditions! A 60-times play-through for free VIP bonuses reduced to only 30 times! In addition, the deposit limit will be increased because normally the maximum possibility of withdrawal is based at £ 100! For a VIP player, the latter will be £ 250!

★ If you are fond of cashback bonuses, you are being able to have this right to recover a fraction of your losses in the game via a bonus set to the percentage, you will probably be happy with what will follow. Indeed, VIP cashback is just a click away! On a monthly basis, every VIP player is able to benefit from a VIP cashback bonus based between 5% and 10% on all deposits made during the current month. If, for example, you lose £ 100, the Magical Spin casino will give you a bonus of between £ 5 and £ 10 in real chips!

★ In view of the index of game software present, almost every day, in addition new slot machines are introduced in the play library of the platform. To enjoy such a new move, VIP players are able to enjoy free spins on the new video slots! Expect to receive regular free spins in your account so that you can storm this category of gambling as it should be!

★ As a VIP player at Magical Spin Casino expect your cash outflows to become much faster. Procedures will be reduced to a maximum of 24 hours. Whether it’s the week, the weekend or depending on your selected withdrawal method, your withdrawals will be processed in less than a day watch in hand!

★ In this continuity of the bank, the amounts of your transfers will be optimized. By becoming a VIP, you will most certainly enjoy an increase in your weekly ceiling. In this way, you’ll see a lot more money coming out of your member space in a short time to reach your own pocket!

★ Finally, the Magical Spin casino had this unusual idea to send gifts by mail! To reward yourself for your loyalty, you will most likely spoil by receiving gifts directly in your mailbox! Of course, if you make the decision to enjoy it in a physical way.

Author : Maxime
Written by : January 13, 2020
Updated on : January 13, 2020