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Rudolph’s Free Spin Stacker, tame Spintacular for lots of free spins!


Vive Mon Casino, a real meteorite in the industry! In addition, because of its diversified offer. Especially given its range of casino bonuses fair to players that continues to enjoy ultra-competitive updates. Today, the upheaval is great inside the promotion section in honor of the holiday season! Rudolph, Santa’s beloved reindeer, replaces him. The animal has a lot of work to do at Vive Mon Casino with several promotions aimed at spoiling you endlessly. Among the few casino bonuses offering their specialties at the Christmas party, it is the promotion of Rudolph’s Free Spin Stacker that happily offers itself a place in the pages of the site of Casino-Rival.com!

How to say… Rudolph was looking forward to discussing his projects on the CR! Now was the time of revelations to express oneself with enthusiasm and vivacity. Rudolph the Reindeer heralds a relatively festive period for those who choose to take advantage of Rudolph’s Free Spin Stacker promotion! Inside tons and tons of free spins served on 185 happy future! If you want to be part of this group, it’s very simple. We advise you to stay calm and work your patience so that Rudolf the reindeer points to the tip of his nose to open the way to the Spintacular in this fabulous holiday season!

The Rudolph’s Free Spin Stacker bonus presented by Rudolph with no less than 7,800 free spins for 185 seats!

Once you have passed this milestone which will start from Tuesday, December the 5th of 2019 at 23:59 CET, each volume of bets forming £10 will allow you to win 1 ticket to be able to participate in a draw scheduled for early January 2020! Your power as a raffle ticket holder by remaining a betting player in real game mode will significantly increase your chances of winning one of the 185 prizes displayed! It’s very simple because it all starts with the sum of £10 played to be eligible for the bonus Rudolph’s Free Spin Stacker from Vive Mon Casino. Then, if your budget accepts it, you can increase your chances of winning free spins every £10 more bet. Every £10 will give you the right to get a new ticket!

You can get as much as you like until Sunday, December 31st at 11:59pm CET. Enough to accumulate a good package to climb you in the top 185 finalists and be sure to win something. In the heart of this great Christmas promotion driven by Rudolph the beloved reindeer of Santa Claus, there are no less than 7,800 free spins up for grabs! This is no joke and these are counted in different batches. 10 prizes of 10 free spins, 25 of 75, 50 of 50 and finally 100 of 25 which brings us back to a total of 7,800 free spins!

Christmas is just around the world and it’s once a year! Therefore, don’t wait any longer to join the big family of Vive Mon Casino players to entertain you in an atmosphere of exemplary conviviality. Grab a good hot chocolate and a good kilo of carrots for Rudolph as you certainly won’t say (Humbug) after joining this generous gift that is Rudolph’s Free Spin Stacker!

Author : Maxime
Written by : December 11, 2019
Updated on : December 11, 2019