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Games of the Week, €5,000 per week for €20,000 per month with no wager condition!

wild-sultan-casino-bonus-games-of-the-weekWild Sultan, an online gaming platform that has made its customer service and VIP program its cornerstone to achieve the success it enjoys today. In administration, many people scratch their heads to persevere in their culture to innovation and its pay! With a high level of achievement in terms of performance, continuous improvements to get noticed and it’s on behalf of the players. Those looking for an online casino with an engaging, promising future, with many projects in the future can agree to Wild Sultan.

For those and perhaps you readers determined to find the online casino that best meets your expectations. Wild Sultan is a brand that has many regular players who have reached the VIP structure. A space open to evolutionary benefits that never suffer an end. There are always a few things new, intuitive, attractive and addictive at Wild Sutan to keep loyal players in suspense.

The fruit of the effort is constant at Wild Sultan and today I would like to share with you a novelty. Rather an optimization and I write well only the casino Wild Sultan offers it currently. Let’s be clear, soon his competition will adapt it to their panel. However, at this time, we can see together that this operator is among the players that allow eGaming to evolve in the service of players.

Many of us know the game deposit bonus of the week offered by many casinos on the internet. No surprise on the horizon but Wild Sultan has chosen to offer it more robustness by passing this popular promotion in the plural. In the sense that Wild Sultan players will be able to entertain themselves on a gaming group called the Games of the Week!

Play on a selection of 5 slot machines from the Games of the Week bonus to win a prize with no wager condition!

Throughout the year between Monday and Friday, you will be able to participate in the promotion called Games of the Week. Wild Sultan is generous as usual with a distribution of €5,000 in prizes per week. With 4 weeks to complete 1 month, it’s €20,000 to win and share each month! A great prize pool represented by the bonus games of the week where you will be directly registered when creating your account. If your wish is to engage in this weekly promotion, all you have to do is play in real conditions on a selection of games of the week.

The operating principle will be based on obtaining the best multiplier of winning in order to win a prize. For the record, the multiplier corresponds to the ratio of your bet to your newly obtained price. If you choose to bet the sum of €1 and you win €100, your multiplier will be £ 100! Also take into account in the terms and conditions of the Games of the Week promotion that the minimum bet on selected slots is €0.20 so that you can qualify.

As an example, knowing that every week new slot machines are selected, let’s see together the games of the week of April 13th to 17th of 2020. The operator of Wild Sultan has chosen for this week the game software QuickSpin. On the menu is a selection of games QuickSpin: Nero’s Fortune™, Golden Glyph™, Sakura Fortune™, Eastern Emeralds™ et Panther’s Reign™.

Nero’s Fortune™: the drills are winning a lot of ground. Rome must take urgent measures to recoil the terrifying army of barbarians destroying everything in their path. Arm yourself, and face the horde of barbarians who harass you from a distance. As loyal allies in this nightmares of fire, violence and destruction many features for the benefit of a gameplay ready to anticipate. Nero’s Fortune™ and built 5 reels and an avalanche feature invites you to collect tokens with the help of special features like Burning Arrows or Flames of Nero! Also scatter interventions to the revelation of scalable free spins, fearsome wilds for price explosions!

Golden Glyph™: connect to a superb interface with panoramic views of the Nile. From there observe the delicacy of the landscape. From its quiet alleys to the feet of buildings partially masking the sun. Wet climate for the pleasure of seeing a horde of symbols travel on the 7 reels of Golden Glyph™ often represented by hieroglyphics. No doubt, you are well on Egyptian soil! Certainly a few millennia back from our present day when hybrid gods had a dominant place. Take advantage of their attractive wealth powers through a Country Cluster feature for the excitement of seeing and enjoying earnings training through new features! Unknown in the repertoire of other QuickSpin casino games. Fill your crate with Power-UPs, Power Wild, Blaze of Fire, Eye of Horus, Golden Scarab, The Golden Glyph as well as free spins and wilds!

Sakura Fortune™: Japanese culture fascinates and takes up more and more space in our Western society. This is noticeable with the latest generations of cosplay fans where playing and dressing up as a manga character becomes a way of life. Sakura Fortune™ will offer you to play this role without scratching. Combative culture, in Japan in the company of an attractive couple of protagonists with slanted eyes eager to present their strong taste for martial arts. Enjoy relatively generous gameplay with an assortment of wild, bonus scatter, re-spin and free spin on a 5-reels, 40-lines playground!

Eastern Emeralds™: if you appreciate Asian culture but in a different style than the one we just saw then Eastern Emeralds™ will certainly get your attention. In the middle of nature, at the foot of the mountains lined with thick foliage, enjoy a zen and relaxing atmosphere. An interface of 5 reels and 20 lines put into action by turtles, prayer temples, fish and various sacred objects. In the gameplay of Eastern Emeralds™, multiplier wilds, scatter bonuses, no less than 4 free spin modes as well as prize multipliers!

Panther’s Reign™: invasive nature for the pleasure of being lost in a few seconds in the middle of a jungle. A quiet water point just in the background of a 5-reels interface and 50 lines. Lianas here and there to properly incorporate the playground with the representation of the inhabitants of the region as a symbol. Namely signs, parrots, frogs, a game queen panther and many other animal species. Panther’s Reign™: is drawn by a very neat interface. The gameplay of the game reinforces this visual appeal with scatter bonuses, free spins, re spins, wilds! Introducing the QuickSpin games of the week of April 13th-17th of 2020, now discover the winnings table. As already known, €5,000 are up for grabs every week and €20,000 each month! The first position offers €1,000, the 2nd – 3rd €500, 4th – 5th €250, 6th – 9th €100, 10th – 17th €50, 18th – 35th, €25 and 36th – 160th €10. Of course, you can follow this ranking of the best players in real time from the interface of each slot machine selected.

Opinion about the recurring Bonus Games of the Week:

Again, Wild Sultan is not disappointed in its commitment to continuously energize its bonus and promotional panel. The satisfaction index is still maintained at its highest level. As proof of its latest promotion called Mummy Rewards where no less than €5,000 were to be won in collaboration with the casino game developer PariPlay!

The best are always noticed and the operator Wild Sultan is in this sense well in its place. A leader must say with this new idea to propose several Games of the Week. Promote the choice of entertainment via a selection of 5 slot machines resulting in a good idea. If you don’t like a game, you can switch to something other than the game of the week couldn’t offer you because only one game was open to betting for the bonus.

Now the choice is wider with most likely optimizations to come for even more comfort. The prizes are advantageous with no less than €20,000 to be won each month! This is huge and on top of that, the profits made as well as the prices obtained are exempt from the bet requirement! Incredible! Finally, 160 seats are reserved to accommodate a prize each time! Therefore, I really find that luck belongs to everyone unlike other brands that limit the winnings to only 5 places!

Author : Maxime Rival
Written by April 17, 2020
Updated on April 17, 2020