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Are you looking for a bonus to play Blackjack ?

Whether in online casinos or in hard casino the principle of blackjack remains the same when the player has selected a blackjack game table he will find himself face to a dealer, called as well dealer or table master. He will be against the player or players because it will be possible to have fun with other participants simultaneously. The principle of blackjack is to get closer to the number 21, with the help of cards but without exceeding it. If this is the case, the stakes on the carpet will be lost and it is the croupier who will prevent the money in the center of the playmat.

Casino Bonus Blackjack GO!
Deposit €25 and receive 105% bonus match
Deposit €50 and receive 115% bonus match
Deposit €125 and receive 145% bonus match

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Casinos Rival Gaming offer bonuses for blackjack lovers !

In its beginning the game of online blackjack was only available in a version running with traditional software. For some years now some money gaming room, now offers player a live version powered by a visionary technology iGaming.

Before playing the user can even choose a height of bet to be then redirected on the table provided to this purpose. The conditions are exactly the same as in a supreme casino atmosphere. The croupier is visible from a live webcam. The player has the opportunity to communicate to the latter from an online chat that also remains open to all participants !

Between each bet, a timer “time limit” is set up to Feel like gambling sensations similar to those we can find in a real casino. The dealer can receive a tip from one or more users at the same time. The dealer thanks this gesture by hitting the token offered on the edge of the game table before inserting it into a piggy bank. The other croupiers in the area generally the same by reinforcing this unique playing environment. Personally I love to play with this type of software but on Casino-rival.com we only focus on the Rival Gaming software.

Blackjack bonus :

Many casinos online Rival Gaming Powered offer bonuses for blackjack including Fridays during a particular time slot or during the night. Others offer this kind of promotions every week. These bonus table games run with a code so they can be quickly identified by the casino’s detection system when they are used.

Why is a bonus code needed to unlock a bonus ?

Two situations occur. We assure you, the process of obtaining this offer is very simple to accomplish

1 : Some platforms require a specific bonus code because they offer different percentages based on several deposit values. To be more precise, here is a clear example imagine that the casino offers two bonus codes.

50% up to 100 euros with the code RIVAL50. 130% at the limit of 250 euros with the coupon RIVAL80.

If the player makes the decision to make a transfer of 50 euros and he wishes to benefit from an offer to have fun with the game of blackjack, he will have before deposit make some steps very easy to implement.

He will have to download the software of the casino. Once this one will be installed on his computer, he will have to create an account in real mode. It will take the room and he will go to his checkout. Then he will have to select manually the offer which he is interested in among several. In our case 50% bonus and enter the code RIVAL50. If you understand the system will have to credit 50% on the transfer that will be made later. The player will be redirected to another page where he will have to choose a payment method, for example Neteller. “An online payment method that our administration highly recommend for online players.

Finally, he will be asked to make his deposit and to validate the total of the transactions pressing a button provide to this purpose. He can then instantly start playing with the final sum of 75 euros.

2 : In our second case and this is the last, the userwill not need to use a bonus code.Everything will be automated from his checkout page. The operations are almost the same as in our first case. The only difference is that he won’t need a special coupon to activate his blackjack promotion. These offers are accessible to all types of players wheter they are high roller or medium members. As we said before, the bonus blackjack is like offers for slot machines or bonus for playing roulette online for only say these ones.

Which are the Rival Gaming online casinos that offer exclusive bonuses for the blackjack game ?

At the top right of the page is presented a table that includes halls Rival gambling games that give the opportunity to play blackjack with bonuses. Users are not obliged to accept this kind of exclusive casino promotion to play. This is just an extra for those who want it. The platforms presented in this ranking have all been tested by our team of experts before adding thm. All these games halls met our selection criteria perfectly and there where gradually integrated into this top ranking.

Author : Maxime
Written by : May 29, 2018
Updated on : June 11, 2018