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How the cashback bonus works and its wagering conditions.

The cashback bonus is a form of promotion that is not really like the others. Yes, indeed the latter’s policy is to reimburse you a portion of your losses. As you have probably noticed, this bonus advantage requires at first to make an investment.

Casinos Bonus Cashback GO!
Enjoying cashback casino bonuses is one of the countless evolutionary opportunities at Lucky Luke operator! The only requirement is to push the doors of the saloon to become a VIP player. At the Barman de Saloon level stage, you will be able to collect a weekly cashback bonus regularly handed over every Monday morning!

10% Cashback up to €1000 for traditional games and with dealers | cashback (FreeBet) from 10% up to €150 for sports betting

20% up to €100

30% Cashback for life without withdrawal condition


25% every Tuesday and valid on all deposits between 18h00 and 03h00





The cashback bonus is made to play longer !

As a rule to take advantage of this bonus, a transfer of less than €100 is requested. The cashback bonus is expressed as a percentage (%) and it will be more or less important depending on the online casino chosen by the player. This type of bonus is available on a range from 1% to 100%. This is accessible from different aspects. To begin with this offer will be able to be present with the welcome bonus. Also solo with a minimum deposit to achieve or even in the VIP program where more amounts deposits are important and the value of the cashback increases.

How the cashback bonus really works ?

Its operation is quite simple. After making a transfer in the casino from the cash register and once the good us cashback will be grafted on, it will be time to start making bets. This option will only be active when the player is losing to the online casino and from a certain level in relation to the deposit amount. If the reduction in the amount of cash is large enough, the cashback bonus wil intervene. Imagine that the latter is 25% and that the player has deposited the sum of €100. The game will therefore credit the sum of €25.00 in order to help the player play longer. By performing this operation, the gaming platform will give it a second wind to increase its chances of making a profit.

What are the conditions attached to the cashback bonus ?

This type of bonus can being valid for more than one time for the same deposit. This characteristic varies between Rival Gaming casinos. If the user wants to have fun with this kind of offer, the team of casino-rival.com recommends to read carefully the terms and conditions. This applies to all other types of bonuses such as the free offer, which means that you will not be surprised if you request a withdrawal because there are conditions to withdraw these winnings. Of course you will be able to know if your cashback is usable several times for a same deposit. Personally what we do is to contact directly by instant messaging the hall game operator. We ask him our questions and in this way we know exactly the terms and conditions related to our promotion. As a result, we can have a leisurely entertainment without having to worry about any modalities.

Above, you will be able to view a table of Rival Gaming quality online casinos that offer cashback bonuses. Is available inside the value respectively to the percentage, and also if they have a VIP club. Promotions in this category are more advantageous for high roller players than for traditional players.

Author : Maxime
Written by : May 29, 2018
Updated on : April 24, 2020