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Alien Spinvasion

Alien Spinvasion – The Earth seems to be threatened by a UFO’s colony !

Available in the Rival Gaming brand mobile casino toy library, Alien Spinvasion is a slot machine that comes delicately in the collection of this talented editor at the rank of the 3D slot of 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 lines.

Alien Spinvasion is a remarkable game that highlights a major UFOs invasion dreaded human beings populating the planet Earth for millennia. The little green men have finally decided to manifest themselves and unfortunately in the opposite direction of a movement pacifist but well and truly destructive.

US armed forces have been on the warpath since the world’s civilizations have noticed in recent days masses in the sky so large that they cover the sun’s rays with little difficulty. According to the information relays of the international media, it would be after NASA’s identification of alien vessels of a magnitude monumental sheltering vast colonies of extraterrestrial origin.

UFOs observing Earth by concentrating all their intellectual abilities to strike where it hurts and ultimately win this next invasion that in the context of the game Alien Spinvasion will unfold both in the air and on the continents of the blue planet.

These beings endowed with a superior intelligence to note the various advanced technologies available to them consider the human race to be a primitive species. Civilization human being is therefore considered primitive by those entities coming from the confines of the universe. A valid reason for them to set up this diabolical project which is to wreck all trace of human life so that these evil aliens can grant themselves the innumerable wealthes that planet Earth offers.

In total confidence to carry out their Machiavellian plan of mass destruction, these beings don’t suspect for a moment that they are about to face a human defense damn well organized and sponsored by the US Army General in total alliance with governments around the world.

A relentless battle will be waged and you will be the main witness of this carnage by powerful laser attacks issued from extraterrestrial vessels piloted by cyclops beings. On the human side, a defensive response orchestrated by launches incessant nuclear missiles and incendiary rockets.

The interface of the Alien Spinvasion Slot Machine will speak for itself by quickly making you understand that you will be a spectator of what it is about to happen from the cockpit of a cigar-shaped UFO ship. A shuttle that is positioned in space by being oriented towards the planet earth in order that you do not miss absolutely nothing to the many adventures who are planning to hatch soon.

Built with 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 free pay lines, Alien Mobile Casino Game Spinvasion has a relatively well-stocked interface in terms of symbols. It will be possible to cross on your way asteroids and meteorites, laser guns, flying saucers, a red phone resting on a desk or several buttons are present including an imposing placed in the center that during its operation will offer to luxury to missiles to find refuge on targets of alien origins.

Bets :

In terms of its configuration with respect to its range of bets, Alien Spinvasion is a Rival slot Gaming which offers you this opportunity to play from €0.01 and if you wish harness the full potencial of Alien Spinvasion’s redistributive power, you’ll be able to harness the full potential of Alien Spinvasion’s redistributive power, you’ll be able to entertain you up to €125.00 per spin.

To allow you to adjust your bet value, you will be able to intervene on a part level between 1 and 10, denomination values ​​available between €0.01 and €0.25 and also this opportunity to make active between 1 and 50 lines.

Features :


Sticky Wild made the choice to mingle with this adventure full of actions. In the game of Alien Spinvasion, these icons are illustrated by a Cyclops alien. The green epidermis, the large mouth open to clearly see a huge tooth and that huge eye in the middle of the figure, this malevolent character holding in his hands 3 fingers the fate of planet Earth will have for function to finalize lines in order to give them this benefit of distributing tokens.

More clearly a joker that has an internal function to its operation that is based on the principle of freezing on the roll where it appeared so as to offer you a Re-Spin which translates to be a free spin.

In case of another Sticky Wild, the Alien Spinvasion one-armed Bandit will activate a second free spin and scalable gain multipliers (x2, x3, x5, x7 and x11) visible on the left side of the game will gradually activate. Each appearance of a new Re-Spin will mount in a further notch compared to the price multiplication index obtained by the initial intervention of Sticky Wild.

This feature is based on a system of substitution of icons and in our case on all the reels of the Alien Spinvasion Slot Machine will end in its process when it will be no longer possible for the game to allow a new Sticky Wild to develop on the screen.

By the force of the game, you will probably have this chance to come face to face with the general of the Army in person. A big guy determined to fend off enemies with bombs even if the atmosphere of the planet has to pay a heavy price. At the shelter in his bunker secret, it will operate these missiles of last chance and in the wake allow the game of chance Alien Spinvasion to program free spins to the number of 11 !

During this free game moment, the Sticky Wild will be able to act and ensure you of regular gains. A new icon illustrated with a homing bomb will be staged the Drop icon available exclusively during the free spins phase. It will act in consequence to allow you to meet in a surge of surprise a profitability for the less unexpected during the course of the feature.

Opinion :

Alien Spinvasion is a slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 lines easily in hand. Available in the Rival Gaming games lobby since Monday, March 15, 2017, Alien Spinvasion translates itself to be among the most attractive editor variants with the support of its graphics in 3 dimensions of a deep realism a trio of shock.

Those 3 features offer their audience all the cards needed for the times discover different facets of the slot machine Alien Spinvasion but also to get profits to match everyone’s expectations of success.

In other words, Alien Spinvasion is revealed to its audience as being an online casino game particularly remunerative. Endowed with a most captivating distraction frame with reinforce this regiment of green men determined to reduce to dust any trace of the existence of the human race on the land floor.

Author : Maxime
Written by : June 04, 2018
Updated on : June 04, 2018

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